Shanghai sex lingerie wholesale base

Shanghai sex lingerie wholesale base

Shanghai sex lingerie wholesale base

In Shanghai, the market demand for sex underwear is increasing, and there are more and more types of sexy underwear.If you are the owner of the sex underwear shop or want to start a business in this field, it is particularly important to choose a suitable sexy underwear wholesale base.This article will introduce the relevant information and use suggestions of the Shanghai sex underwear wholesale base.

1. Introduction to the base

The Shanghai Sexy underwear wholesale base is located in Minhang District, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters. It is a very large wholesale product distribution center and an important distribution center in the field of sexy underwear.There are many manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the base.Not only do they provide all kinds of sexy underwear, but they can also make custom styles and services according to the needs of consumers.

2. Delivery method

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The base generally provides two distribution methods, which are self -lifting and express delivery.In order to facilitate consumers, there is a self -service express cabinet in the base, and the appropriate self -lifting method can be selected according to your own needs.At the same time, if your order volume reaches a certain amount, the base provides free delivery services for delivery.

3. Price advantage

The price of sexy underwear in the base is generally cheaper than other places.Because the merchants in the base are generally factories or wholesalers, they directly cooperate with the manufacturers to purchase without the price increase of the middlemen.At the same time, the cost of rent in the base is low, and the amount of wholesale is large, and more discounts can be obtained.

4. Types

The fun underwear style in the base is very rich, with different styles such as split type, conjoined, and sexy lace.In addition, there are various colors and sizes for customers to choose from.In the base, you can find sexy underwear suitable for different ages, gender, preferences, and occasions.

5. Material guarantee

The quality of the sexy underwear in the base is very good, and basically it has been strictly controlled.Most erotic underwear uses soft, breathable, and skin -friendly fabrics to ensure that even if wearing it, it will not cause adverse reactions or excessive stimulation to the skin.

6. Customized service

If you can’t find the sexy underwear you want or want to launch your own brand in the base, the base also provides customized services.You can negotiate with manufacturers or wholesalers to customize custom styles, size, materials, and various details, establish your own brand image, and make sexy underwear suitable for your own store sales.

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7. After -sales service

The sexy underwear merchants in the base are also in place.If there is a quality problem, the merchant will deal with and provide after -sales service in time.In addition, merchants will also provide some other value -added services, such as packaging design and advertising to help consumers better sell sexy underwear products.

8. Buy suggestion

If you plan to purchase sexy underwear in Shanghai or want to start a sexy underwear shop, we recommend that you go to the Sea Sea Quota Underwear Wholesale Base.In the base, you can choose a variety of styles and high -quality materials, and the price advantage is also very obvious.In addition, you can also communicate in depth with the merchants in the base, understand the trend, and customize your exclusive sexy underwear products.


Shanghai sex underwear wholesale base is a very good place to buy and entrepreneurship. It provides a variety of high -quality sexy lingerie styles. The price is also more favorable than other places. It can meet the needs of consumers of different ages, gender, and body. Customized services can be customized.It is also very flexible, and the service quality and after -sales service are also in place.Therefore, if you want to enter this field or need to purchase products in this area, you can go to Shanghai sex underwear wholesale base to explore.