Shanghai Through Funny Underwear Show Video

Shanghai Through Funny Underwear Show Video

Shanghai Through Funny Underwear Show Video

It is nothing new in fashion underwear as a fashion trend.However, in a perspective sexy underwear show in Shanghai, the models walked on the catwalk in perspective underwear, which caused heated discussion among netizens.Here are my observation and views on this sexy lingerie show.

Interesting underwear in fashion trends

In today’s fashion trend, perspective sexy underwear has become a very popular and avant -garde way.Not only can satisfy the self -display and self -confidence of women, but also make male friends who forget it.For example, this time in Shanghai’s perspective erotic underwear show, this fashion trend is performed vividly.

Permanent sexy underwear display beautiful figure

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In this sexy underwear show, the models are beautiful, and wearing these sexy perspective underwear is even more amazing.Permanent underwear uses thin and transparent fabrics, which easily shows the feminine curve of women.

Uniqueness of underwear design

Performing erotic underwear is different from traditional underwear design, and it is pursuing sexy and avant -garde.In addition to bra and underwear, there are many types of sexy underwear, such as chest stickers, three -point underwear, and dewarted underwear.Can meet the various imaginations and needs of women.

Sexy effect of seeing sexy underwear

Sexy is the biggest feature of perspective sexy underwear. The design of the perspective underwear can make the figure more perfectly revealed, giving people an unprecedented visual stimulus.For couples, this is a good toy toy, which increases life interest and can improve the emotional communication between each other.

Performing sexy underwear wearing skills

Performing sexy underwear is particularly important for models.The fabrics of these underwear are very light and tested by the model’s dressing skills and temperament.Models need to be good at choosing perspective sexy underwear suitable for their figure and temperament, and show their beautiful figure while wearing.

Perspective erotic lingerie’s self -confidence in women

Performing erotic underwear has also played a good role in improving women’s self -confidence.The design of the perspective underwear largely shows the beautiful body and sexy charm of women, making women more confidently show their beauty and charm.

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Dispute caused by seeing sexy underwear

Although see -through sexy underwear has become a trend, it has also caused some controversy.Some people think that this underwear is too exposed and the wind is involved, which violates the moral norms of society.But this view is too conservative, and now society should be more open and tolerant.

Resolving the controversy of seeing through -seey underwear

To resolve the controversy of seeing through -seey underwear, we should adhere to an open mentality.People should be more tolerant and understanding, respect the personal choice of women, and let them choose their own dress style.At the same time, manufacturers should also pay more attention to the design quality and health factors of sexy underwear to improve consumer consumer experience.


As a new type of underwear style, perspective sexy underwear has become part of the fashion trend.Whether it is design, materials, or wear, we must pay attention to details and improve quality.At the same time, we should respect the right to choose women and let them show their beauty and charm.