Shen Jingwen’s big size sexy underwear photo

Shen Jingwen's big size sexy underwear photo


Shen Jingwen is a well -known large size model. She has been widely recognized with her sexy figure and confident attitude.In a recent set of sexy underwear photos, Shen Jingwen once again showed her charm and self -confidence.Below, we will introduce the sexy underwear wearing in Shen Jingwen’s photo.

Out -shoulder erotic underwear

In this group of photos, Shen Jingwen wore an off -the -shoulder sexy underwear. This underwear was made of black lace and tulle, showing Shen Jingwen’s sexy figure and charming temperament.The off -the -shoulder design also highlights her neck and shoulder lines, making the overall shape more perfect.

Tibetan sexy underwear

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Shen Jingwen also wore a black suspender -style sexy underwear. This underwear is made of tulle and lace, which looks particularly light and soft.The design of the suspender exactly outlines the shoulders and collarbone of Shen Jingwen, allowing the whole person to emit a sexy atmosphere.

Bow decorative sexy underwear

In addition to the black underwear, Shen Jingwen also tried a light -purple sexy underwear. This underwear uses a bow of the bow in the chest and waist, which increases the sweetness of the entire shape.Purple also highlights the fairness and smoothness of her skin.

Black hollowing lingerie

Shen Jingwen wore a black hollow erotic underwear. This underwear was spliced with lace and tulle, and the hollow design was more unique and sexy.This underwear highlights Shen Jingwen’s chest curve and waist lines, and also makes her more mysterious and attractive.

One -word shoulder texture sexy underwear

Shen Jingwen also tried a white shoulder -shoulder sexy underwear. This underwear adopts a texture design, making the whole underwear look more textured.The design of the shoulder also highlights her shoulders and neck lines, creating a noble and elegant temperament.

Full transparent sexy underwear

Shen Jingwen also wore a fully transparent sexy underwear. This underwear specially is that it shows a very light feeling.The underwear revealed the body curve of Shen Jingwen’s imagination, which was very tempting.

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Red camisole sexy underwear

Shen Jingwen was wearing a red suspender sexy underwear, and it looked particularly dazzling against the black background.The design of the suspender shows her exquisite figure and sexy collarbone, full of femininity.

Personally close -up underwear

Shen Jingwen finally tried a nude -colored close -up underwear. This underwear can closely fit the skin and tighten the waist and abdomen to make the figure look longer and the lines are more beautiful.At the same time, nude color also makes her skin more smooth and sexy.


Shen Jingwen’s group of sexy underwear photos show her excellent figure and unparalleled self -confidence and temperament.These erotic lingerie have different types of underwear, but they can show her beauty and sexy.If you also have self -confidence and charm, try these sexy underwear to show your most beautiful yourself.