Which is the love lingerie store in Taobao


At present, sexy underwear has become more and more sought after by young people, becoming one of the must -have for fashion life.As the largest domestic e -commerce platform in China, there are also many sexy underwear shops. The reliable shops have become the problem that buyers urgently need to solve.

Relief indicator 1: sales and reputation

The sales and reputation of Taobao sex underwear stores are the two major indicators that judge their unreliable.Stores with high sales mean that the products of the store have been recognized by the market, and word of mouth is derived from the real evaluation of the buyer’s shop products. It can learn the real situation of the product in the evaluation.

Reliable indicator 2: After -sales service

Good after -sales service is one of the important indicators to measure a reliable shop.Stores with complete hardware facilities in the after -sales service, know how to serve customers, can respond to problems that customers want to know in time and deal with after -sales problems.

Reliable indicator 3: shop reputation

The reputation of the store is an important reference for measuring reliability on Taobao.The reputation of the store is comprehensively evaluated by the official evaluation of the store’s operating and compliance operations of the store.The higher the reputation, the more reputable represents the responsible mentality of consumers.

Reliable indicator four: product quality

Commodity quality is one of the most basic consideration indicators.Interest underwear needs to be made under extremely high requirements due to its special design, materials, craftsmanship and other factors.Naturally, the selection of materials and processing of sexy underwear must be very fine to achieve absolute control of quality.

Relief indicator 5: affordable price

The affordable price is also one of the indicators to measure the reliable or not of Taobao sex lingerie stores.On Taobao, many stores may attract customers at low prices, but quality is often difficult to guarantee.It is recommended to buy shops with good reputation and high sales volume. The price is relatively affordable and will not be too exaggerated.

Reliable indicators 6: Complete categories and styles

Complete categories and styles are also one of the references to judge whether Taobao sex lingerie stores are reliable.Because of diversity of sexy underwear, it is necessary to have more categories and styles.Complete categories and styles will bring better selectivity to buyers, and at the same time, they can also see the broad and strength of the store business.

Reliable indicator 7: Privacy Guarantee

Buying sex underwear is naturally involved in private privacy.Therefore, in the face of Taobao’s sexy underwear shops, guaranteeing privacy and security is also one of the key points to determine whether it is reliable.It should be noted that reliable merchants always know how to ensure the safety of the goods. For example, the identification information of the parcel shell, the choice of the courier company, etc. are all issues that need to be considered for customers.

Reliable indicator eight: information perfection

In Taobao’s sexy underwear shop, information perfection is also a key point.It should be noted whether there are key information such as receiving address and postcode, and the information services of the store are also important. Whether you can have online customer service, distribution method, after -sales service, and refund policy, you need to have the information perfection of information that cannot be ignored.

Reliable indicator 9: Payment safety

When buying sexy underwear, you need to consider the security of the payment link.It is recommended to use third -party payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat payment, etc., safe, real -time accounts, and service attitude are better than other payment methods.


Overall, buying Taobao sex underwear shops need to pay attention to many factors. WeChat has become an indispensable landscape in the life of young people.In response to the above aspects, you can comprehensively appreciate whether the stores are reliable and enhance the self -confidence of buying Taobao sexy underwear.

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