Where is the sexy underwear in Paris

Where is the sexy underwear in Paris

Paris has a unique romantic and fashionable sense of fashion.In this charming city, sexy underwear inevitably has become a popular.Where is the most suitable for buying sexy underwear in many boutique stores and streets?The following will introduce you to Paris where you can buy exquisite sexy underwear.

1. galeries lafayette -romantic and fashion coexist

As one of the world’s top department stores, Galers Lafayette has a good performance in terms of fashion, brand category, and after -sales service quality.In addition, there are many styles in the sexy underwear area in Galers LaFayette. There are many types. Can it meet the needs of consumers?

2. CHANTAL THOMAS -Unique French style

Chantal Thomas is a brand merchant focusing on the design and production of sexy underwear, focusing on providing consumers with unique French sexy underwear.Whether in tailoring or style, Chantal Thomas has a unique design style and is full of French style.

3. AUBADE -fusion sexy and fashionable underwear brands

AUBADE is a popular merchant in the French underwear brand. Its products cover various sexy underwear such as character, body shape, style and elegance, temptation, and sweetness.AUBADE gives more fashion elements with sex underwear, making it more fashionable and unique.

4. Darjeeling -brand that is equivalent to quality and style

Darjeeling occupies a very important position in the sexy underwear market in Paris.The degree of popularity is not only because of its sense of fashion and personalized design. In terms of making materials, product quality and after -sales service, it can meet consumer high standards.

5. ETAM -Tentacle Young Love Underwear

ETAM is one of the relatively popular brands in the Paris underwear market.It is not only price -friendly, but also a variety of style choices.

6. Princesse Tam Tam -The ultimate combination of lines and colors

The sexy underwear designed by Princesse Tam Tam emphasizes the structure of the lines and the bright colors, so that people can have the most beautiful figure and the most bright appearance when wearing.If you want to wear a sexy underwear that can be thin and colorful, the Princesse Tam Tam will be a good choice.


If you want to buy sexy underwear online at home, Agents Provocateurs is a good choice.This is an online store mainly selling sexy underwear. Its brand is rich in variety, moderate prices, and convenient and fast.

8. UNDIZ -choice of young fashion

UNDIZ, as a Hollywood underwear brand, has a sports, leisure, fashionable and simple design style that makes consumers feel relaxed and comfortable when wearing, and it is also very suitable for young people.

9. I.D Sarrieri -High -end luxury choice

I.D Sarrieri ranks one of the top underwear brands in the world. Its products not only have a guarantee in quality, but also have a very unique sense of design. It is noble, luxurious and gorgeous. It is something that ordinary consumers are difficult to refuse.

10. Victoria’s Secret -One -stop shopping entering the underwear world

If you want to buy high -quality erotic underwear in a store and enjoy shopping, Victoria’s Secret must be a good choice.Here, not only is rich in style, but also excellent after -sales service.


In general, different people have different tastes and preferences, so it is difficult to choose in the face of so many Paris sexy underwear brands.From the perspective of various perspectives such as brands, styles, prices, quality and convenience during sale, the introduction of the above -mentioned introduction to the sexy underwear market in Paris, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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