When doing it, sexy underwear

When doing it, sexy underwear

Sexy underwear seems to have become a fashion. More and more women are willing to try this way, but there are some problems in choosing and matching. Let’s take a look at how to do sex underwear together.Essence

1. Choose the right style

Different women’s figures and styles are suitable for different erotic lingerie styles. For example, women with smaller breasts can choose underwear with sponge and fertilizer. Also, flat breasts can also choose underwear to shape slender figure lines.Women with plump chests can choose mesh see -through styles to show their unique charm.

2. Pay attention to the texture of the fabric

The quality of the fabric of sex underwear is also very important. You should choose comfortable and soft fabrics, such as cotton and silk.At the same time, remind that the underwear with transparent or mesh fabric should pay attention to see whether the lining inside is suitable, otherwise it will likely turn the underwear into a "milkware".

3. Color and matching

The color of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to it. You can match the color according to personal preferences and the needs of the occasion. For example, red represents enthusiasm, transparent represents sexy, black represents mystery and so on.At the same time, we must also follow some basic matching principles, such as the combination of the same color system and the combination of warm and warm tones.

4. Pay attention to your physical condition

If your body has some small defects, such as thick waist, raised abdomen, etc., then you can also choose to match some sexy underwear with waist and waist effects, such as beam underwear, abdominal underwear, and so on.This can not only shape healthy body lines, but also add confidence.

5. The matching of underwear and coat

There are also some skills in the matching of sexy underwear, such as matching suitable jackets and so on.You can choose a more loose but good -quality jacket, such as silk gown, knitted cardigan, etc. These jackets can make people see your beautiful underwear but not too exposed.

6. Selection of accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear cannot be ignored, such as embroidered stickers, lace edges, bow and lace gloves, and so on.These accessories can add women’s soft traits, and they can also become more cute and sweet.

7. Scene selection

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to the choice of occasions. If it is in private occasions such as bedrooms or Valentine’s Day, etc., then you can choose a more sexy or exposed style, but if it is in public such as parties or bars, etc., thenIt is best to keep some relatively stable combinations.

8. The creation of temperament

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to shape its own temperament.For example, choose the right color and style to show your self -confidence and personality.At the same time, you can also match some simple jewelry or accessories, such as necklaces and earrings, etc. to highlight your good figure and temperament.

Viewpoint: With sexy underwear, the most important thing is confidence. Only women with confidence can wear good results.When choosing sexy underwear, choose the right style and color according to your own characteristics and needs, and reasonably match underwear and coats to show your charm and temperament.

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