What types of sex lingerie are there

Sexy underwear is a fashion choice for modern sexy women, which can make people more confident and charming at critical moments.However, with the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, do we know what types of sexy underwear?In this article, let’s discuss the type of sexy underwear together.

1. Drain

The bras are the basic styles of sexy underwear. They are divided into many different gatherings, support and modification effects.The bras with lace and other decorations are suitable for sexy occasions, while the basic models of the plane are suitable for daily wear.The division of the bra is classified by the shape, style and function of the cup.

2. Underpants

Underwear can be described as one of the souls of sexy underwear. Its types and styles are diverse, including different underwear with different themes: T type, low waist, high waist, thong, etc.Generally, when matching the same color, you can try to choose to retreat or low -key ground color tone to maintain the overall coordination, and at the same time, it can also show the unique style of personality.

3. Interesting stockings

The appearance of sex stockings adds a new direction to the bold choice of women.In the party, party, or nightclubs, wearing sex stockings, integrating style and overall clothing design are very fashionable and sexy choices.You can use high heels, hot pants, etc., and you can also consider socks and pants.

4. Sex tights

In addition to the effect of tightness and self -cultivation, sex tights also have other special designs: such as locks, cat ears, headwear, gloves, etc.In the occasion of dynamic and publicity, tights are a necessary choice. When it is too publicized, it needs to be appropriately settled to reflect the sexy effect.

5. Interest windbreaker

Interest windbreaker is a unique outer underwear, which plays a dual role of modifying body shape and warmth.When choosing a sex trench coat, pay attention: the use of more slim, short skirts, chest flowers and other details is a good choice and can highlight the charm of women.

6. Corset

The corset and the bra are similar, mainly for more special occasions.Some corset cups have no shoulder straps, which is more convenient to get close to the body of the wearer.The style of other corsets seems to be randomly straps, or sewn according to a specific style.

7. Interesting accessories

The fun accessories are light and small, not only decorating the figure, but also to increase the overall atmosphere and temperament.The most typical sex accessories are lace gloves, necklaces, waist chains and lace scarves. They can freely match into a beautiful effect and create a sexy and romantic atmosphere.

8. Pantyhose and hanging sticks

Pantyhose and hanging sticks are common variants of sex stockings.The difference between each other is that pantyhose is a kind of underwear directly connected to the stripes and two legs, and the hanging stick is a kind of clothing binding around the waist by a lace suspender, and it is usually thin and soft from thin and soft.Nylon made.

After understanding the different types of sexy underwear, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can create a perfect effect.Of course, the most important thing is to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best according to your own personality and fashion style.

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