What kind of sexy underwear likes Scorpio men like

What kind of sexy underwear likes Scorpio men like


Scorpio is loved by everyone with its mysterious, independence and calmness.They are also very pursuing the taste of life, and sexy underwear is even more indispensable for them. So what kind of sexy underwear does a Scorpio man like?

Bright and bright colors

Scorpio men have strong personality, so their preference for color is also very obvious.Bright colors can greatly attract their attention, such as red, purple, black, etc.These colors of sexy underwear not only have a strong visual impact, but also ignite their inner passion.

Cut -off

Scorpio men pay attention to taste, so the slimming of sex underwear is also very important for them.Without affecting comfort, the tailoring of the slim body can make the body more perfect and enhance the charm.For example, a suspender type suitable for body lines, beam -type as long as the waist type.

Colorful pattern

Scorpio men are usually more discerning shoppers, and the pattern of sexy underwear is relatively prominent.Gorgeous patterns and unique design will attract their attention.For example, adding different elements such as metal and hollowing out to the pattern can increase the visual effects of sexy underwear and improve the gorgeous sensory experience.

Sexy details

For sexy underwear, detail processing is very important.Careful treatment in details will stimulate the sexy desire of Scorpio men.For example, a unique detail design can add sexy atmosphere to sexy underwear, especially adding details such as skin feel and small sexy, and can also stimulate the unique taste of Scorpio men.

Unique material texture

The material of sexy underwear is very important. The more texture, the more likely it is to attract the attention of Scorpio men.For example, the material, silk, and hollow materials can bring a unique texture to sexy underwear. The texture of these materials can make Scorpio men enjoy more fashion and sexy.

Sexy but elegant

Interest underwear should not be too exposed, but it needs to be sexy and elegant.It can be seen at a glance that it can be seen at a glance that this is designed for special customers like him.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the overall visual beauty.In this way, they can feel the charm and confidence of women from the inside out.

Perspective or semi -perspective element design

Permaneous or semi -perspective design always praises all Scorpio men.During perspective, you can focus on your body curve, while semi -view is more mysterious and seductive.Charm and sexy are the focus of seeing sexy underwear because they can make people imagine more challenging and excited pictures.

Appropriate size and model

In order to make the Scorpio man better feel the sexy and self -confidence brought by the sexy underwear, the size and model must be very suitable.If the size and model are not appropriate, it will lead to unnecessary negative emotions.This is not good for the establishment and play and play of sexy and self -confidence.


Scorpio men have their own aesthetic standards, but from the above aspects, we can draw a conclusion that they like those slimming, colorful colors, unique patterns, proper details, superior texture, sexy but elegant.In particular, the most important thing is that they need to be completely suitable for their own size and model.

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