What kind of erotic underwear is considered to be


Interest underwear refers to those underwear designed to enhance sexy, aesthetic or irritating behaviors. It has a variety of styles, and is very personalized, showing personality, and distinctive characteristics.What about the category?This is a question that needs to be explored and answered.

Sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear

Compared with traditional underwear, there is a significant difference between sexy underwear.There are many types of sexy lingerie. They usually use more design elements such as lace, mesh, perspective, hollow, and more personalized tailoring, reflecting uniqueness and creativity.The main design purpose is that, of course, it is aesthetic, but it is mainly to enhance sexy and sexual stimulus effects, so as to have certain functional attributes.

The ownership of sexy underwear in business

Busy, sexy underwear is attributed to adult supplies categories.Different from shaping underwear, sports underwear, warm underwear, etc., sexy underwear is not widely recognized as women’s underwear categories.In other words, it is more independent of the women’s underwear market and belongs to a market that is more high -end, private, and a few people.However, in some specific situations (such as performance, photography, etc.), the use of sexy underwear fragments is also applied in the women’s underwear market.

The difference between sexy underwear and sex toys

Some people talk with sexy underwear with sex toys, thinking that they are sex products in the same category, but in fact the two have significant differences.Sexual toys are mainly designed for sexual stimuli and sexual life, such as various types of massage sticks, jumping eggs, etc.; And sexy underwear focuses on enhancing visual and touch stimuli, mobilizing sexy and more perfect physical performance to mobilize sexuality and sexuality and sexual performancePassion.

The privacy of sexy underwear

Because of the special standards used in sex underwear, it has significant protection and privacy in privacy.Many businesses on the market have explicitly marked the words "confidential express delivery" and "strict confidentiality" to ensure the privacy of consumers.It can also be seen that the difference between the sexy underwear market and other types of markets is that it tends to be personal, private, and confidential.

Interesting underwear materials and quality

The requirements for material and quality of sex underwear are higher than other underwear, because the requirements of its functions, privacy, and special standards make it more comfortable and reliable.Most erotic underwear uses the best fabrics, such as silk, artificial silk, etc., which are used to make softer, comfortable and breathable.In addition, you should also pay attention to details such as washing methods, storage methods.

The market and consumer group of sexy underwear

The varieties and prices of consumer groups in the sex underwear market are also very extensive, and they need to be selected according to different needs and occasions.If you can buy different types of sexy underwear in sex shops, sex products online stores, adult products stores, and underwear counters.The characteristics of consumer groups are also wide. In addition to the needs of actors such as professional actors, ordinary consumers can also order personalized sexy lingerie clothing according to their daily needs.

Interesting underwear industry prospects

With the changes in social concepts and the increasing awareness of protection of privacy space, the sex underwear market has gradually showed the trend of the eve of the prosperous world.In the short -term time in the future, the share of the sex underwear market will be further increased.


Interest underwear is a underwear for the purpose of enhancing sexy stimuli. It has the characteristics of personality, creativity, high -end, and privacy. It is different from traditional underwear and belongs to adult supplies categories.The material and quality requirements of sexy underwear are high, and gradually become an indispensable part of daily life. The future market development prospects are broad.

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