Wear a mini skirt sexy underwear small

Wear a mini skirt sexy underwear small

Wearing a sexy mini -skirt, and with a seductive sexy underwear, it is the most difficult temptation for men to restrain.However, wearing ultra -mini skirts must be careful, otherwise it will be exposed too much.Here are some suggestions and precautions.

1. Short skirt length

First, we need to consider the length of the skirt.If the length of the short skirt is too short, it is very easy to expose underwear and cause embarrassing and embarrassing eyes.Therefore, it is important to choose a short skirt with moderate length.The length of the short skirt should be between the middle of the thigh and the knee, so that the beautiful leg lines can be revealed while it will not make people feel too exposed.

2. Underwear material

Secondly, it is also important to choose the right sexy underwear.The material of the underwear needs to be comfortable and soft, and the problem of breathability and moisture must be considered.For mini skirts, especially pay attention to choosing underwear that is not easy to produce hooks and marks to prevent embarrassing situations.

3. Underwear style

The style of the underwear is also very particular. The unsuitable style will make you make major mistakes in dressing.For mini skirts, it is not recommended to choose too exaggerated styles, such as too teasing erotic underwear or paint patterns, which can make people feel uncomfortable.On the contrary, solid or lace -style underwear is more sexy and sweet.

4. color matching

As for color matching, you can choose according to your skin color and skirt color.If the short skirt is bright, you can choose dark underwear to balance the color. If the skirt is more elegant, you can choose bright or dark underwear to increase the highlights.

5. High -heeled shoes match

In the wear of short skirts and underwear, high heels are also an essential part of.High -heeled shoes can not only make your figure more slender, but also make your leg lines more prominent.However, it should also be noted that if the legs are too thin, you can choose the small heels of the small heel to make yourself look more temperament.

6. makeup

The usual makeup cannot be slack, especially when wearing a mini -skirt sexy underwear, makeup is very important.Eye makeup and lip makeup must be exquisite to make your overall image more perfect.

7. Activity method

When wearing a mini -skirt erotic underwear, pay attention to your movements and postures.Don’t walk at will, squat or bend over to avoid glowing or exposing some parts that should not be exposed.

8. With other clothing

If you are also worried that you are too sexy, you can add a conservative coat between mini skirts and sexy underwear, such as a loose long jacket or a leather coat.

In short, when wearing a mini -skirt erotic underwear, we must consider our body, skin, temperament, underwear style, color, etc., so as to be calm, decent, and not too exposed.The ultimate goal is to make yourself more beautiful and make people shine.

Viewpoint: Wearing a mini -skirt sexy underwear is a unique fashion and beautiful image.The key is to adhere to choosing clothing such as underwear, skirts and high heels that suits you.Only the clothing and overall temperament that suits you can make you stand out among everyone and make your attractive attention.

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