Very endless sexy underwear shop name

Opening allusions

Very endless sexy underwear shop name- "Taboo Door", its special meaning and opening allusions have attracted many erotic underwear enthusiasts.It is said that the founder of this shop is a sex expert. By understanding human body structure and psychological needs, she tailor -made the most extreme sexy lingerie style for people.The store name "Taboo" symbolizes this extreme state.

Brand Positioning

The "Taboo Gate" is positioned in a high -end sexy underwear brand, which is specially created for high -quality life.Its product is the main sexy as the main selling point, trying to create a comfortable, free and smooth dress experience.

product description

The "Taboo Gate" has a variety of sexy underwear, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sex underwear, etc.Each type of underwear has a variety of different styles, with originality and personalization characteristics.

Quality assurance

Each product is strictly controlled and screened to ensure the quality of the product is reliable.In addition, the "Taboo Gate" also provides customers with a full range of after -sales service and consultation.

Price Strategy

The price of the "Taboo Door" is relatively high, but in general, it is based on high quality and aimed at high cost performance.On the basis of high quality, the store should try to position the price reasonable.

sales strategy

The "Taboo Gate" mainly adopts a combination of online sales and offline experience, so that customers can understand product information and purchase at any time.In addition, the store will regularly hold sales and promotion activities to increase brand awareness.


Brand communication is the strength of the door of taboos. The store not only invests a lot of funds for advertising, but also uses social media platforms to interact and publicize, and actively communicate and interact with customers.

Customer groups

The customer group is mainly enthusiasts in the sex underwear industry, and fashion people who require high -quality life.The store adopts differentiated marketing strategies to innovate publicity and product promotion for the needs of different customers.

future development

In the future, the goalkeeper of taboos will further expand brand awareness, increase reputation of products, expand product lines, and serve more people.


In short, "the door of taboos", as a high -end sexy underwear brand, is specially created for high -quality life. Its products take the ultimate experience as the main selling point, positioning a high -level brand that strictly controls quality.In the future, development will undoubtedly explore in a wider range of fields and push the brand to a dazzling peak.

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