The sexy underwear is good in flat chest

What kind of sexy underwear is good?

1. Introduction to different types of sexy underwear

There are various styles in the sex underwear market, such as front buckle, back buckle, zipper type, thin cup, steel -free, hanging neck type, etc. These styles are suitable for different body shapes and chest shapes.

2. Filling and sexy underwear is suitable for flat -breasted women

Filling sexy underwear is the best choice for women with flat breasts. This kind of sexy underwear can increase fullness to the chest and highlight the sexy curve.

3. Choose the filling that suits your body shape

Filling -type sexy underwear also has different filling, suitable for women of different body shapes.Women of flat chest can choose medium or higher filling, but do not choose too high filling.

4. Avoid choosing steel ring -type sexy underwear

Flat breasts do not recommend choosing steel ring -type sexy underwear. This sexy underwear may emphasize the protruding part of the chest, forming an unnatural shape, which is not natural.

5. Choose the color and material that suits you

In addition to styles and filling, color and material are also factors that need attention when choosing sexy underwear.Women in flat chest can choose a colorful sexy underwear, soft and comfortable sexy underwear.

6. Pay attention to the size selection of sexy underwear

The size of the sexy underwear is very important. You must pay attention to your body size when buying.Too small or too much will bring great discomfort to wear.

7. Consider the effect of matching the coat

Wearing a sexy underwear is usually to highlight your charm in terms of fun and sexy, but it is also necessary to consider the effect of matching the coat.Women in flat chest can choose V -neck or low -cut coat to match with sex underwear.

8. Choose a thin and thin sex lingerie material

Fresh -breasted women wear sexy underwear to highlight their curve beauty through clothes.Choosing a thin and light sexy underwear can better show the body lines, and it is more comfortable and comfortable.

9. Choose the right shoulder strap style

The shoulder strap is a very critical part in the sexy underwear. Flat women can choose to match the thin shoulder straps or deep V -shaped shoulder straps, which can increase the curve beauty of the neck and shoulder.

10. Fixed sexy underwear is also a choice

If you do n’t have a cold for filling sexy underwear, you can also choose a fixed sexy underwear. This kind of sexy underwear can closely fit the body curve to make the body line more beautiful, but it does not increase the fullness of the chest.

in conclusion

For flat -breasted women, filling and fixed sexy underwear is the best choice.Choosing the right style and size is very important. At the same time, with the appropriate coat, it can better show its own charm.

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