The quality of the sexy lingerie you buy is too bad


Interest underwear is an important part of modern women’s daily clothing, and it is also an important means to add fun and stimulate gender and energy.But when buying sexy underwear, we often encounter a troublesome problem, that is, quality problems.The quality of the sexy underwear I bought recently is too bad, and it can’t help but be irritable.Therefore, today I want to share some matters on buying sexy underwear, and how to judge whether the quality of sexy underwear is excellent.

Break the concept of "good -looking"

Many people will give priority to factors such as styles, colors, and personal sense when choosing sexy underwear, and ignore the key factor of quality.This approach is wrong!We should start from quality and strive to choose the most satisfactory one in high -quality sexy underwear.


The material of sexy underwear is the most important factor affecting quality. We can evaluate its quality from the aspects of the softness, breathability, and elasticity of the material.In the same style of sexy underwear, if different materials are used, it will produce a completely different dressing experience.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, it is necessary to pay more attention to the knowledge about materials.

Consultation of sewing process

The sewing process of sexy underwear is also one of the important criteria for judging its quality.A good sewing process can ensure that the structure of the sexy underwear is tight and neat, and the lines are neat, and problems such as stringing and jumping are avoided.Therefore, when we buy sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to the sewing process.

details make a difference

When choosing sexy underwear, don’t just look at the appearance, but also pay attention to some details.For example, whether the eyebrows and buttons of sexy underwear are stable, whether the chest pads are comfortable, easy to disassemble, and so on.These slender details will directly affect the actual use of sexy underwear.

Trial over

Although sexy underwear is not as particular as the size of the traditional underwear, trying on is still an indispensable part.Through trying on, we can judge the problems of sexy underwear, the breathability of the material, and whether it is fit.If you buy it blindly if you do n’t try it on, you are likely to buy a sexy underwear that is not suitable for you.

Is the brand important?

Is the brand important when buying sexy underwear?In fact, the answer to this question is not necessarily.Although the brand will have an impact on the quality, price, and word of mouth of sexy underwear, it is not that big brands must be a good choice.Some niche brands may also launch high -quality sexy underwear products.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, do not blindly pursue the brand effect, but to choose according to our own needs.

How to set the price

There is also a large difference in the price of sexy underwear in the market.We can determine its cost -effectiveness by comparing the prices, materials, crafts, brands and other elements of similar products.For sexy underwear of the same price, we can determine the advantages and disadvantages through the comparison of materials and crafts mentioned earlier.

in conclusion

To choose high -quality sexy underwear, we need to pay more attention to materials, sewing technology, and details.At the same time, trial and price comparison are also necessary means.If we pay attention from these aspects, the success rate of buying sexy underwear will be higher, and it is no longer a problem to get the sexy underwear that is most suitable for us!

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