The original pictures of those who took sex underwear

The original pictures of those who took sex underwear


There are many sexy underwear brands now take some sexy photos to attract consumers.However, these revised pictures are very different from the real sexy underwear, which will make people lose and disappoint.This article will reveal the original pictures of those sexy underwear, so that you can understand the love lingerie more truthfully.

The real texture of hand -embroidered embroidery

For hand -embroidered erotic underwear, it is difficult to show its true texture in the photo.Some brands even use computer software for image processing, bold, strong, and prominent details to make it look clearer.But in fact, the real texture is far softer and delicate than the photos.

Differences between size and color

Many sexy lingerie brands use models to display their products.But the size and body of the model are often inconsistent with consumers, which will cause differences in size and color.Therefore, when you want to buy sexy underwear, it is best to choose a product suitable for your size and color to avoid disappointment.

The impact of shooting angle and lighting

The shooting angle and light will also affect the presentation of the photo.The shooting angle will change the shape and appearance of sexy underwear.Lights can make the color brighter and bright, but sometimes it may cause color difference.Therefore, consumers should pay attention to observing the color and texture of the real product and avoid being confused by photos.

Display effect of different materials

Different materials will present different effects in the photos.For example, silk sexy underwear will be softer, and transparent lace materials will be more delicate.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should ensure whether their favorite materials and colors are suitable for their bodies and skin tones.

The inner lining of the bra and the shape of the mold cup

Many erotic underwear brands do not show the true shape of the lining and the cup when they are taking photos.But these two parts are important factor that determines the overall effect of the bra.If you want to buy more real sexy underwear, you need to ask the brand or sales staff to ask the shape and material of the lining and the mold cup.

Type of underwear that is suitable for your body

The type and size of the underwear are also the factors that need to be considered when buying a fun underwear.If you want to experience a more realistic experience, you can choose the type of underwear that suits your body, such as G string or thong to fully show your beautiful shape.

The style and design of different brands

Each brand’s sexy underwear style and design are different.Some brands pay attention to details and materials, while some brands pay more attention to color and patterns.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose the brand and style that suits you to fully show your sexy and charm.

The necessary map repair and processing

Although it may be trimmed, some necessary pictures and processing are still needed in photos of sexy underwear.These treatments make the photos clearer, bright and layered.However, excessive processing can lose the authenticity and disappoint consumers.Therefore, the brand should choose the appropriate processing method to show the beauty and sexy of the product.

in conclusion

Although the photos of sexy underwear may be processed by pictures, consumers should understand the true details of the product when purchasing sexy underwear.Choose the brand and style that suits you, and try to understand the real size, color and material of the product as much as possible to obtain a more realistic experience.

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