Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos

What is Taobao sex underwear uncoded photo?

Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos refers to some sexy underwear merchants sold on the Taobao platform to attract customers to attract customers with less or not sexy underwear.These photos are usually labeled as seductive titles such as "unblied photos" or "reality show".

Question of Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos

However, these fun underwear uncoded photos are often discussed.Because there are many problems in this approach:

Question 1: Lure consumers

There are a large number of sexy underwear shops on Taobao platform, and the competition is very fierce.In order to attract consumers, some merchants will choose to post some advertising pictures that make people feel at first sight. These pictures may involve sexual hints and sexual exposure.This approach not only violates the laws of China, but also harms the interests of other honest merchants, and has brought adverse effects to the entire sex underwear industry.

Question 2: inducing bad behavior

Due to the existence of Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos, some customers may be improperly affected and decided to pursue similar behaviors in real life, which causes the risk of social ethics and legal issues.

Question 3: Don’t respect women

Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos may infringe the privacy of women and be made into samples to display products. This is not only category to women’s bodies, but also encourages consumers’ spines on women’s bodies.

What measures should Taobao take?

Due to the various problems in Taobao’s erotic underwear uncoded photos, Taobao platforms should take measures to curb improper display behaviors.

Measures 1: Forbidden Taobao sex underwear uncoded photos

Taobao platforms can formulate strict regulations to prohibit the release of any pictures involving sexual exposure or hints.For businesses that violate this provision, they can be punished and removed their shops.

Measures 2: Strengthen risk control

Taobao platforms should establish a more complete control system to closely monitor the content of the picture issued by the merchant.Once you find any improper display behavior, take action immediately to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

Measure 3: Compulsory review photos

The Taobao platform should establish a compulsory audit system to review all sexy underwear uncoded photos to ensure that it does not involve any inappropriate content.Only after approval can it be officially launched.

Maintain justice and protect women’s rights and interests

In order to maintain the fairness and justice of the entire consumer market and protect the privacy rights of women, the Taobao platform should always adhere to the principles of abide by laws and compliance, honesty and trustworthiness, and regulate market behavior through effective management and control methods to provide consumers with a more assured shopping experience experience.Essence

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