The boss gave me a sexy lingerie read video


I am a 25 -year -old girl and recently worked in a clothing company.The company owner is a wretched middle -aged man, but he always pays attention to the needs of employees and gives rewards.Not long ago, he gave me a videos and highly recommended the props -sexy underwear.

Surprise and curiosity

I was surprised and curious about this gift.Interest underwear sounds interesting, but I have never dressed like this.I immediately learned about sexy underwear on the Internet and found that each one has different designs and effects.I decided to try it to see if I can satisfy my curiosity.

Different materials

I found that there are many different materials in sex underwear, such as silk, satin and lace.Each material has its unique feeling and appearance.I chose a silk -made sexy underwear because I think it is more comfortable and more beautiful.

Sexy design

The design of sexy underwear is very sexy, usually with some naked parts and a large number of hollow.My sexy underwear is no exception. It has many small style elements, such as lace lace and carved technical details.I feel that these details and methods of presentation make me feel very sexy.

Size choice

The choice of size is an important step.Interest underwear is usually more sexy and tight than ordinary underwear.On my sexy underwear, I choose according to my size.Before confirming the size, be sure to ensure that your data is accurate.

Choice of timing

Before wearing a sexy underwear, I need to consider an important question -when to wear it?I feel that I need to find a private place so that I can truly enjoy this sexy.I finally chose to enjoy this experience at home.

Surprising feeling

When I put on a sexy underwear, I felt an unusual feeling.I think this kind of clothes make me more confident and exudes a sense of mystery.I think sexy underwear can enhance my charm and make me feel more attractive.This is a unique and surprising feeling.

Boyfriend’s surprise

My boyfriend was also very surprised by my erotic underwear.He thinks I am very sexy, and this clothes make him feel more excited.Our relationship becomes closer after I put on sexy underwear.

Use cautiously

Although sexy underwear is interesting, I also realize that wearing sexy underwear needs to be cautious.When choosing clothes, I will consider which occasions are suitable for wearing such clothes.I think this is a good way that makes me more sexy at a certain time or occasion.


Wearing sex underwear is a very fun experience, and also has some advantages that can enhance self -confidence and charm.However, we also need to use sexy underwear carefully to ensure that at appropriate occasions and time, and avoid any distress.In short, if you want to increase your self -confidence and charm, trying that sexy underwear may be a good choice.

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