The boyfriend is not wearing a sexy underwear anymore

The boyfriend is not wearing a sexy underwear anymore

Interest underwear plays a very important role for the sex life between couples.It can increase the fun and interests of sexual life, making them closer and happy, and when boys wear sexy underwear, they have a visual effect and stimulus.However, when her boyfriend no longer wears sexy underwear, how should girls deal with?The following will share some possible causes and methods of response.


If the boy has his own work and study pressure, he may have no intention or itching, and feels that he does not want to wear sexy underwear anymore.Girls can take the initiative to explore to let him understand the importance and attraction of sexy underwear to girls, and urge him to regain this interest.

Evaluate your own needs

Girls should think about the original intention of her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear to add sexual interest to themselves, or to cater to their needs.Girls can find other ways to increase sexual interests while disturbing their boyfriend’s own needs, such as changing scenes and buying love products.

Sense of fear

If the boys do not wear sexy underwear, they may have a sense of physical or psychological fear.At this time, girls can use slowly starting, gentle and encouraging to properly weaken the worries and feelings of her boyfriend’s body and feelings, so that he puts down all his concerns.

Lack of caressing and flirting

Some boys dominate their girlfriends’ physical desires, and ignore the real needs and feelings of women.At this time, girls can adopt adjustment behaviors, forced her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear to express their dissatisfaction and requirements, bringing some new stimuli and new fun.

Pursue change and stimulus

In the long -term sex life, boys may gradually weaken or lose their freshness of sexy underwear.In this case, girls can change the matching method and wear style, bringing some new patterns and new forms, and increasing the opportunity of her boyfriend to pay attention to sexy underwear again.

Different personal experience

The preferences of each man’s experience or sex in sex life are different.This requires women to slowly understand and explore.Women can understand their boyfriend’s more preferences and preferences in the process of intimacy with her boyfriend, thereby gradually increasing and rational use of sexy underwear.

Follow physical changes

In the case of some boys who do not wear sexy underwear for a long time, physical changes may occur: such as local obesity or atrophy.For these issues, girls should pay attention to in time, train traditional healthy lifestyles, or find the help of professional health care doctors to solve it.

Try other ways

If the boyfriend does not have any hope for the wearing of sexy underwear, then girls can turn to find other sexy stimulus methods, such as considering buying some erotic props, or the desire to satisfy their sexual life visually, and so on.


Feelings are the process of interaction between two people. Sexual life is the same. Although sexy underwear is an important element for regulating life fun, it is not the only standard for measuring love. Everyone should look at it rationally.For a boyfriend who does not wear a fun underwear, his girlfriend should have more understanding, care and patience. Some breakthroughs require multi -testing to discover and change.

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