Taobao sex underwear model ranking

Taobao sex underwear model ranking


In the past, sexy underwear models were not welcomed. People only wanted sexy flesh, and they didn’t care about the clothing they wore.But modern concepts have changed, and sexy underwear has become one of the shopping lists for more and more women.Many sexy underwear models on Taobao have also received more and more attention, so who has won the greatest attention among these models?Let’s explore the ranking of Taobao underwear models through this article!

First place: DODO

DODO is the most popular one of Taobao sex underwear models.Her sales are very high because her evaluation is very good.Many people show many people on her homepage, and each photo makes people feel her sweet temperament and sexy figure.

Second place: layy

Lacey is the second place in Taobao sex underwear models.Her homepage shows various styles of sexy underwear, and her sales are also very high.Lacey’s charm lies in her figure and expression, all showing her confidence and charm.

Third place: Amanda

Amanda is the third place of Taobao sex underwear models. The products she shows on Taobao is mainly sexy underwear and sexy toys.Because her self -confidence and charming figure attracted a large number of customers, the user’s evaluation in her store was also very good.

Fourth place: Frances

Frances is a foreign model.Her homepage shows various styles of sexy underwear, including different materials and styles.Her figure is very sexy, making people have infinite reveries, so the sales volume has always been very good.

Fifth place: lucy

Lucy has a very charming figure. Her shop has a variety of products, including underwear, sex products, and so on.Her self -confidence and professionalism make people very trust in her, which is why her sales volume has received.

Sixth place: Emma

Emma is another foreign sexy underwear model. Her shop mainly sells some avant -garde and sexy sexy underwear.Her unique style and self -confidence are very cute, which makes people feel unlimited about her.

Seventh place: sunny

Sunny is a young sexy underwear model. Her shop is one of the few shops on Taobao with a high sense of exquisiteness. Her sales are very high.Sunny has a sweet temperament and super good figure, which is very suitable for showing the temperament and feeling of adult underwear.

Eighth: Becky

Becky is a popular sexy underwear model on Taobao. It is mainly displayed in various kinds of sexy underwear and velvet underwear.Her photos show her charming figure and gentle temperament.

Ninth place: Maggie

Maggie sells various types of sexy underwear on Taobao. Her brand is very professional and has good customer service, so her sales volume is also very good.Maggie shows high -level and sexy temperament, making people feel very attractive.

Tenth: Betty

Betty’s shops are mainly sweet, dresses, nighttime and so on, can be found in her shop.Her price is very cheap, and the quality is very good.Therefore, her sales are also very high.


Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become one of the happy time of many women.And this article brings you ten favorite erotic underwear models.However, if you want to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, you still need to pay attention to the authenticity of the size and photos.

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