Tanabata gives girlfriend sexy underwear

Tanabata gives girlfriend sexy underwear

Qixi Valentine’s Day is a romantic moment every year. As a boyfriend, you must prepare a special gift to express your love for his girlfriend.And sexy underwear is one of the best gifts for Tanabata, especially for those who are passionate and romantic, choosing a suitable set of sexy underwear will make your night sweeter and unforgettable.

Choose the style and style of sexy underwear

The first thing to consider is the taste and style of the girlfriend. According to the characteristics of the girlfriend’s figure and dressing habits, choose whether to gather or increase, whether it is necessary to hide meat or slim -fitting.In terms of style, you can select sexy lace, seductive black, cute pink or elegant red.

Pay attention to the size of the sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size. If the size is not suitable, it will be uncomfortable.You can quietly check her underwear size in the girlfriend’s wardrobe in advance, or directly ask her body shape and size.

Consider your girlfriend’s preferences and habits

Understanding your girlfriend’s preferences and habits is an important factor in choosing sexy underwear.For example, if your girlfriend is not used to wearing high heels, do not choose high -heeled sexy underwear, which will make her uncomfortable.It is also necessary to consider the personality and occupation of his girlfriend, and choose a style suitable for her identity.

Follow the material and fabric of sexy underwear

The material and fabric of sexy underwear are also very important. You should choose comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton, silk and lace.

Selection of accessories

Do not ignore the importance of accessories. You can choose some compact necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as embellishment, which will make the whole sexy underwear match better.

Details of sexy underwear

The details determine the success or failure, and the design details of the sexy underwear also need to pay special attention.You can choose some clever tailoring, embroidery and lace, etc. This will not only highlight his girlfriend’s figure, but also enhance your feelings.

Selection of scenes

You need to consider the scene when giving a sex underwear. You can choose to have a candlelight dinner or a romantic night in the hotel at home, so that his girlfriend can enjoy this gift more.

Precautions for the maintenance of sexy underwear

Pay attention to maintenance after sending sex underwear. It is recommended to use hand washing to maintain the appearance and quality of the underwear.In addition, avoid exposure and scrubbing to prevent damage materials and fabrics.


Sending sexy underwear is definitely a sweet and unique gift, which can not only increase interest and romance, but also express their love and attention to girlfriends.As long as you are carefully selected based on these tips, it will definitely harvest her sweet smile and deep love.

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