Suitable for fabrics for sexy underwear

Suitable for fabrics for sexy underwear

Suitable for fabrics for sexy underwear

As the market demand of sexy underwear continues to increase, the sexy underwear of different styles and fabrics is constantly being new.The quality of quality fabrics is the key to the production of sexy underwear, because it is not only related to the comfort and persistence of wearing, but also affects the texture and sexy degree of appearance.So, what are the fabrics suitable for sexy underwear?This article will be introduced one by one.

1. Cotton fabric

For those sexy underwear that needs to ensure daily comfort, cotton fabric is the best choice.Because cotton fabric is naturally skin -friendly, breathable and comfortable, not as easy to sweat and stuffy as artificial fibers.There are many advantages of pure cotton fabric. The most prominent of which is its temperature regulation ability. It has good effects under normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature conditions.

2. Lace fabric

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Lace fabric is one of the fabrics often appear in sexy underwear. Its elegant appearance and sexy tailoring are combined to create a unique femininity charm.Lace fabrics can be mixed with materials such as whole cotton, nylon, polyester and silk, or a "heavy" bird net fabric.In general, lace fabrics can show the characteristics of women’s body to the fullest.

3. Silk fabric

Silk fabric is an expensive and high -end sexy lingerie fabric. It is made from natural fibers extracted from cocoons. It has a good luster and feel.Silk fabrics can provide excellent comfort, and the color gradient effect is also very good.

4. Leather fabric

Unlike his interesting underwear fabrics, leather is a natural material that can bring a unique texture and softness to the wearer.The leather fabric can be made of the skin or fur of animals (such as beef, sheep, horses, and crocodiles). Through different craftsmanship and dyeing treatment, it adds a variety of different textures and colors to sex underwear.

5. Polyester fabric

For these sexy underwear for warmth and body shape, polyester fabrics may be the best choice.The polyester fabric is made of fully synthetic fiber, which has good strength and elasticity, and it is dry, smooth, and convenient.Polyester fabrics will not be wrinkled and can be durable.

6. Sponge fabric

The sponge fabric is made of polyurethane foam, which has excellent anti -wrinkleness and stability.Sponge materials can make sexy underwear more quite suitable for the body, and can effectively isolate the entry of sweat and external material, and keep the wearer’s dryness.

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7. Fiber fabric

Fiber fabrics are usually made of artificial fibers or synthetic fibers, which have good breathability and humidity.This fabric has a variety of textures and colors, which can add more personalized characteristics and creative gameplay to sexy underwear.

8. Polyurethane fabric

Polyurethane fabrics are made of polyaltthidaldehyde, which can enhance the flexibility and strength of sexy underwear.Polyurethane fabrics have the characteristics of splitting and anti -static, preventing excessive distortion and wear, and bringing a warm comfort and sexy effect to the wearer.

9. Different fiber fabrics

Different fiber fabric refers to a fabric mixed with natural and artificial fibers, so it has a variety of different characteristics, such as softness, breathability and hygroscopicity.This blending fabric can provide more three -dimensional appearance and more delicate feel for sexy underwear.

10. Net yarn fabric

The mesh fabric is made of cotton yarn, synthetic yarn and nylon gauze, which can add a sense of fashion and sexy to the sexy underwear.This fabric is relatively transparent, even if wearing sexy underwear, wearers will feel highly comfortable and light.

in conclusion

Different styles and use sexy underwear requires different fabrics to ensure comfort and sexy degree, and the above fabrics are only part of them.When choosing sexy underwear, you should choose the most suitable fabric according to your needs and preferences to bring the best dressing experience to the wearer.