Story girlfriend wearing sexy underwear

Story girlfriend wearing sexy underwear

Paragraph: The first meeting

My girlfriend and I met at a friend gathering. At that time, I noticed that she was wearing a sexy little black skirt and black lace underwear.I can clearly remember that she raised her head and saw my eyes moved to her chest, and then she showed a shy smile.

Second paragraph: fall in love

Gradually, we started dating, and she began to show me her bold side, and often wearing sexy sexy underwear shaking in front of me.I am very excited and very attracted.

Third paragraph: Understand love lingerie

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Girlfriend is a sexy underwear expert. She knows how to choose the right cloth and style, how to modify the figure and sexy point.Every time she introduces a sexy underwear, she will surprise me.

Fourth paragraph: sexy black series

My girlfriend prefers black sex underwear. She told me that black is a representative color of sexy and mysterious.After trying to penetrate a sexy black sex underwear, I really feel that I am more confident and charm.

Fifth paragraph: sexy red series

Girlfriend also likes the red series of sexy underwear. She said that red represents enthusiasm and desire.A chic red sexy underwear makes women more sexy and charming.I also admit that every time I see her in red and sexy underwear, my heartbeat will accelerate.

Section 6: Sweet Lace Series

In addition to the sexy black and red series, girlfriends also like sweet lace series sexy underwear.This style is more suitable for wearing romantic nights and looks elegant and gentle.

Seventh paragraph: metal texture series

My girlfriend told me that the sexy lingerie of the metal texture series is very suitable for those who want to try novel and exciting.This style usually uses metal wire, chain and other metal decorations to increase the texture of the entire sexy underwear, which is very visual impact.

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Eighth: Perspective Lace Series

The girlfriend also introduced a sexy underwear called the perspective lace series. This kind of sexy underwear will leave a little transparent lace on the chest or lower body to increase the sense of mystery and sexy. It is very suitable for women who want to try novel experience.

Section 9: How to choose the right sexy underwear

My girlfriend told me that choosing the right sexy underwear is very important, and you need to choose according to your figure, personality and temperament.Generally, you need to choose a sexy underwear that can modify your own figure, and must be comfortable.

Tenth paragraph: My conclusion

By interacting with my girlfriend, I have even more relieved her lingerie, and I am deeply attracted by her confidence and boldness.I believe that sexy sexy underwear does have a magical power that can increase women’s confidence and charm.At the same time, it is also important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. Only in this way can you truly play the power of sexy underwear.