Sino -Beauty Instead Underwear Show

Sino -Beauty Instead Underwear Show

Sino -Beauty Instead Underwear Show

As a unique fashion culture, sexy underwear has become one of the first choice for beauty women worldwide.The size of the sex underwear market between China and the United States has expanded, and at the same time, various new design and styles have emerged.The following will introduce the latest styles exhibited in the beautiful underwear show of China.

Flower Blossom · Simple Girl Series

The series is based on fresh and elegant pink and white, emphasizing the simplicity and cuteness of women.Using soft materials, with red bow and tassel decoration, increase the visual impact and friction, making the wearer more confident and charming.

Gorgeous Red Passion · Sexy Queen Series

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The series is mainly based on the noble and elegant red, showing the sexy and tempting of women.The design of light surface and lace creates multiple effects such as breast enhancement, waist, and hip lifting, which can not only meet functional needs, but also stimulate the wearer’s self -confidence and charm.

Lace Love · Sweet Girl Series

This series is characterized by lace and ruffled edges, showing a romantic and sweet feeling, suitable for young girls or soft women.The style perfectly creates a variety of girls’ styles, such as Mori, retro, and cotton sugar, giving people a visual freshness and delicateness.

Black tone · Charming Girl Series

This series is the main color of sexy and mysterious black. Through the addition of elements such as hollow and bow, women’s charm and sexy appear to the fullest to the fullest.At the same time, this series also uses a combination of various materials, such as lace, mesh, leather, etc., to beautify women’s body lines with visual shape skills to show the most beautiful feminine charm.

Colorful Girl · Cute and Meng Nen Series

The series is mainly sweet, dazzling green and yellow, and adds various small animals printing and tassel elements to design various girl -style sexy underwear, which can return to the girlhood.At the same time, in terms of materials, details such as twist gauze, fluff, and tulle are used to make the wearer full of playfulness and aura.

Star Star · Perfect Beauty Series

This series focuses on women’s lines and meat feel, emphasizing cleavage and slimness.Its styles are mostly tight and high -waisted design. The materials use lace and tape on the materials to create a perfect curve and rich meat, which brings extreme comfort and enthusiasm to women.

Sexy Costumes

Sports Trends · Sexy Sports Series

This series perfectly combines sports and sexy elements, pursuing fashion and personalization, and emphasizes women’s health and masculine beauty.Its styles are mostly three colors of pure black tones or white black and gray. They are created by sportswear as prototypes. They add ultra -thin, sweat and fast drying and other functional materials to take into account comfort and beauty.

Intimate moment · set series

This series appears in the form of a suit, including a variety of combinations such as sex tops, sex pants, and sexual clothes, which aims to create a strong love atmosphere and the feeling of the two worlds.At the same time, this series of materials has the characteristics of soft skin, breathability, elasticity, wrinkle anti -wrinkle, tolerance, etc., which makes people feel comfortable and safe.

Exquisite work · Advanced Customization Series

This series is the top work of sexy underwear, which contains unique design concepts and high -quality materials, and strives to perfectly express the curve and temperament of the female body, so that the wearer feels unparalleled beauty and gas field.Therefore, its price is also very expensive, and generally only appears in advanced customized stores.

The future of Sino -Beauty sex underwear market

The continuous development of the Chinese beauty underwear market shows the continuous improvement of people’s fitness and aesthetic taste.With the advancement of technology and the deepening of investigation and research, the functions and quality of sexy underwear will continue to be improved and improved.Therefore, the future of the Chinese beauty underwear market is full of unlimited possibilities and long -term development space.