Interesting underwear developed countries market share

Interesting underwear developed countries market share

Quotation of sexy underwear market

Interest underwear is a variant of women’s underwear. It focuses on hot -selling, sexual attraction, passion, and seduce style. At present, it has been popular and mature in the European and American markets. Compared with other regions, it has a higher market share.

US market share

As the world’s largest market, the US sex underwear market has a pivotal position, accounting for 35%-40%of the global market share, and up to 500 brands to participate in the market.

European market share

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The European market ranks second in the world in the field of sexy underwear, accounting for 20%-30%of the world market. France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom are leaders of the European market share.

Chinese market share

China is still in the initial stage of the sex underwear market. Due to the influence of national conditions, sexy underwear sales are limited to a certain degree.However, with the improvement of society and the improvement of living standards, market demand has gradually increased.

Japanese market share

As a relatively open country, Japan has a high maturity in the country in the country, and its market share reaches 10%-15%of the global market.

Korean market share

South Korea is one of the important members of the sexy underwear market in East Asia. Due to the strict review of sexual culture in South Korea and small market share, it currently only accounts for 5%-10%of the global market.

Indian market share

The development of India’s sexy underwear market is still in the initial stage. Due to the different cultural habits and moral concepts, the market demand is small.

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Australian market share

Australia is a relatively major developed country in the sex underwear market, accounting for 5%-10%of global market share.

Canadian and South America market share

As an important member of North America, Canada’s sexy underwear market share 5%-10%of the global market.The development of the sexy underwear market in South America is relatively slow, and the market share is not high.

Market share in other parts of Asia

The market share in other parts of Asia is small, but the market share in some developed regions can reach about 5%.


Although the share of the sex underwear market in different countries and regions in the world is significantly different, the overall growth trend of the entire market is still upward.With the change of social life, people’s demand for sexy underwear will continue to increase, bringing a brighter prospect to the global sexy underwear market.