Early interesting underwear video Daquan

Early interesting underwear video Daquan

In modern times, sexy underwear is very popular, which can not only meet our sexual needs, but also bring more pleasure.However, early sexy underwear was not so popular.Today we look at some of the early sexy underwear videos of celebrities to explore the application and evolution of sexy underwear at different historical stages.

Section 1: sexy fragment of Elizabeth Taylor

In the film "Ko Mak Manor" filmed by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s, she wore a pink sexy underwear to show her extraordinary charm.The plot in the movie is extremely complicated, but Taylor’s shots in sexy underwear are always unforgettable.Her sexy underwear is simple, without extra decoration, but it is enough to show her sexy and charming.

Second paragraph: The classic style of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was wearing a white sexy underwear on the movie poster of "Seven Years Ichy" filmed in the 1950s. The scene standing in front of the fan is still talked about by people.Monroe’s sexy underwear is relatively simple, but it successfully shows her sexy and elegance.

Section 3: Amazing Performance of Monica Beruch

In the 2003 film "Big Blue" in Monica Beruch, wearing a yellow leakage and sexy lingerie, she showed her sexy when diving in the deep sea.This scene has become a classic in the history of film, allowing people to teach the application of sexy underwear in different scenarios.

Fourth paragraph: Angelina Julie’s devil figure

Angelina Jolie wore a black satin sexy underwear in the movie "Smith", showing her perfect figure.This scene was called "the representative of the devil’s body" by fans and became one of Angelina’s masterpieces.

Fifth Paragraph: Beyen’s show self -confidence

At the 2012 London Olympics in the 2012 London Olympics, she wore a sporty underwear to play an angel. This shape made her one of the most dazzling stars that night.The sexy underwear worn by Bei is very different, and it also shows her confidence and fashion.

Paragraph 6: Design of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular masters in the design of sexy underwear.His erotic underwear is very detailed, and he is very sophisticated whether it is material or tailoring.Lauren’s sexy underwear style is biased towards European and American classic styles, with a strong artistic atmosphere.

Seventh paragraph: Victoria’s Secret Angel

Victoria’s secrets are one of the best brands in the sexy underwear industry, and their supermodel angel organization is dazzling.The reason why Wei Mi is hot lies in their sense of fashion and puts sexy underwear into a piece of art.These angels are promoted by the Victoria’s Secret Platform, and their personal brands have been further.

Eighth paragraph: the charm of black color sexy underwear

Black -colored underwear is a classic, because it has mysterious and attractive charm.Black -colored and sexy underwear with simple design is even more natural. Every girl can become a sexy goddess in seconds.This seemingly ordinary color design is full of temptation and charm.

Paragraph 9: The combination of sexy underwear and art

Today’s sexy underwear brands are also trying to combine sexy underwear with the current popular art, making sexy lingerie more artistic.Different erotic underwear brands show different fun underwear artworks, even more unique.

Conclusion: The meaning of sexy underwear for modern fashion

From early films to contemporary trends, sexy underwear developed step by step.We can see how much the influence of sexy underwear on fashion, and we can clearly feel that the application and shape of sexy underwear can bring more amazing sense every time.Interest underwear has become a representative of modern fashion, and also carries the development direction of modern fashion.

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