The sexy lingerie of the white shirt

The sexy lingerie of the white shirt


Every woman knows that white shirts may be the best choice in the occasion where you need to feel sexy and confident.And the sexy underwear of white shirts must be a topic that makes many women feel confused.This article aims to provide you with sexy underwear knowledge about white shirts.


White shirts can be paired with various styles of sexy underwear, which can be replaced from sexy to the color, and can get the desired effect.One of the styles is a cup -type bra.The design of this bra makes the white shirt not look too tight, and it looks more natural and comfortable.Back -back sexy underwear is also a good choice, which can make the back feel free.


Choosing a sexy underwear with a silk fabric can make the white shirt easier to slide. You will not have to worry about adjusting your clothing repeatedly.In addition, linen and smooth materials can successfully add some freshness to white shirts.

Color matching

In the sexy underwear of white shirts, black is one of the most commonly used colors because it can bring a more sexy atmosphere.At the same time, choosing a skin color similar to white can achieve the effect of integration.Gold, silver, and purple are also good choices when they are used in small areas.

Detailed decoration

Perspective, diamonds and lace are very popular on the sexy underwear of white shirts.These decorations can add some freshness and depth without any abrupt situation, so that your white shirt stands out of everyone.

Wearing skills

When wearing a white shirt and sexy underwear, a skill is to stuff the shirt into pants or skirts.This method can effectively prevent clothes from sliding and make the whole person look more neat.

Lumbar strap -style corset

The waist strap -style corset can add some freshness to the white shirt. This style can cleverly pull the clothes together, but also show the personality and style of the exhibition.The design of this sexy underwear can make you feel confident and sexy.

Chest sticker and skirt

If you don’t want to use a bra, the chest stickers and whole body skirts in the center of the front may be the best choice. These designs can play an important role in keeping the clothes smooth and make your chest flowing elegantly.

Interesting underwear of low -cut design

Choosing a low -cut sexy underwear can make the ordinary white shirt exuding a new breath.You can try to use this sexy underwear on the premise of fire, so that people’s attention is more focused on the clothes you wear.

Ferry sexy underwear

Permaneous sexy underwear is not a style that everyone dares to try, but if it can be used correctly, this is also a choice to add some special atmosphere, without having to cause any adverse effects on white shirts.

in conclusion

Under the blue sky of the white shirt, it feels like the spring breeze deep inside.Even in the case of wearing underwear, you can maintain this feeling well.By choosing the appropriate style, fabric and color, you can integrate the sexy underwear of white shirts into your personality and style. This not only makes you feel confident and sexy, but also makes you feel good inner peace.

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