Dressed in sexy underwear, make good videos

Dressed in sexy underwear, make good videos

Interest underwear is not just dressing up

Interest underwear is used to enhance sexual attractiveness and promotion.Therefore, when you start to make a good video with your partner, the first thing you need to consider is what kind of sexy underwear you will wear.

Know your body

Knowing your body is a suitable prerequisite for sexy underwear.The style of people with different figures is different.For example, if your chest is relatively small, you can choose a sexy underwear with a pad design to enhance the bust.

Choose a suitable color

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Color is important for the choice of sexy underwear.Choose color according to your skin color and preference.If your skin tone is fair, you can choose a dark -tone sexy underwear to highlight the advantages of skin tone.

Understand sexy level

Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different scenes and sexy levels.For example, you can choose a more sexy sexy underwear to enhance the visual effect, such as lace lining skirts, black lace underwear or transparent dress.

Pay attention to sexy details

Details are the key to making sexy underwear particularly sexy.By wearing the self -feelings of wearing a sexy underwear and clothes, you can better understand your sexy details.Then choose a detailed design according to your preferences, such as lipstick marks, hollow lace, earrings and other jewelry can add a sexy feeling.

Choose the right size and style

Choosing the right size and style is very important for the comfort of sexy underwear.Excessive size or small size make the wearer feel uncomfortable.At the same time, different scenarios and needs must also consider choosing the right style.For example, two styles are suitable for diverse ways of dressing and so on.

Mix and match different types of sexy underwear

By mixing and matching different types of sexy underwear, you can better meet personalized needs.You can match different types of sexy underwear together to make it more personalized.


Consider the matching of the matching

The matching of the lower dress also has an impact on sexy underwear.If you wear a bold appearance of sexy underwear, consider matching a conservative internal dress to achieve a reasonable matching effect.

Understand scene requirements

You should consider specific use scenarios when choosing sexy underwear.If it is at night, you can choose a more sexy underwear. If it is during the day, you can choose sports underwear.

Communicate with your partner

The last key point is to communicate with your partner.You can discuss your personal preferences and choices with your partner before choosing a sexy underwear.This can create a more pleasant experience for the love film included in the goal.

In summary, it is very important to wear sexy underwear in making and shooting hot and hot videos.In summary, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can stimulate the characteristics of personal sexy, highlight the beauty of the figure, and maximize sexual pleasure while exploring and enjoying sex with your partner.