Sexy lingerie drawing pictures girl cute

Sexy lingerie drawing pictures girl cute

Sexy lingerie drawing pictures girl cute

Interest underwear is a sexy and confident underwear that can make women more sexy and confident. The details of them often need to be designed and produced.To make a perfect sexy underwear with perfect painting and details, you need to master certain skills and knowledge.Below will introduce sexy lingerie paintings. The operation is simple.

Prepare the required materials and tools

Materials that need to be prepared for sexy underwear include different types of fabrics, fabrics and sewing auxiliary materials, and the tools include sewing machines, scissors, tapes, ruler, and needle wires.When buying materials and tools, you need to pay attention to its quality and applicability.

Measure the size of the size

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When making sexy underwear, we must first measure the body size data of the wearer, including upper bust, lower bust, waist circumference, buttocks, etc.On this basis, combined with the elasticity and texture of the selected fabrics to determine the most suitable clothing and size.

Preparation of bonding fabrics sewing

Because sexy underwear often uses a variety of fabrics and accessories, its sewing process requires higher accuracy and adaptability.In order to ensure the stable adhesion of the fabric and accessories, the tape can be bonded first, and the sewing machine can be used for sewing.

Switching fabric assembly sleeve sleeves

The sleeves of sexy underwear are usually unique and need to splicing different fabrics, combined with various decorations, showing a sexy and personality effect.When splicing fabrics, you need to choose the appropriate seaming method and ensure the flatness and sewing firmness of the stitching.

Design sexy chest shape

One of the focus of the design of sex underwear is to highlight the lines and curves of the chest, showing a sexy and charming effect.When designing the shape of the chest, the material and elasticity of the fabric need to be considered, combined with the body curve of the wearer, to make fine shapes and production.

Add sexy decoration and pattern

It is very important to add sexy decoration and patterns to the design of sexy underwear.These decorations and patterns need to be cleverly designed to perfectly match fabric and clothing, create a sexy and personality effect.


Sewing and adjustment

The sewing of sexy underwear requires certain skills and patience, and needs to handle every detail.During the sewing process, you need to pay attention to adjusting to the appropriate size and optimized clothing lines to ensure the overall texture and comfort.

Complete the finished product of sexy underwear

After completing the production process of sexy underwear, the final inspection and adjustment need to be performed to ensure that each part is flawless and comfortable.Finally, use complete packaging and labels to present the high quality of sexy underwear.


Making sexy underwear really requires certain skills and patience, but as long as we grasp the relevant details and steps, we can design a perfect and elegant sexy lingerie.For girls, wearing a sexy underwear made by themselves is undoubtedly a proud and confident thing.Therefore, we should learn and master the production skills of sexy underwear with our hearts, and show our sexiest side to the best.