Yiwu City Fun Plagmers

Yiwu City Fun Plagmers

Yiwu City, as a well -known small commodity wholesale market in the country, not only has various daily department stores, toys and other products, but also has a variety of sexy underwear shops.Here, you can find all types of sexy underwear, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.In this article, we will introduce some famous sexy underwear shops in Yiwu City and their special products.

1. "Red Crispy Hands Instead of Instead"

"Red Crispy Hand Instead" is one of the more famous sexy underwear stores in Yiwu City. Their sales slogan is: "I am a spoil is me."The dragon and phoenix, which has a Xiangxiangye underwear, is the most popular product in the store.This sexy underwear is out of stock all year round, and every few hundred red envelopes in the Spring Festival can still sell hundreds of pieces, becoming one of the shops that make a lot of popularity by selling dragons and phoenixes.

2. "Tao Zhiyi" -The tailoring for customers

"Tao Zhiyi" is a shop operating and emotionally affectionate underwear. It pays more attention to the personalized needs of customers. Customers can choose fabrics and styles freely., Make customers satisfied.The main product of the shop is black gauze sexy underwear, which is very popular with women.

3. "Little Seven Influences" -Let Girls Sexy Queen

"Xiao Qi Fun Lingerie" is a shop that focuses on young women’s sexy lingerie. Their products are creative and personality, covering all sexy dressing needs.The most popular in the store is the chocolate series of sexy underwear, which uses black as the main color and decorated with chocolate. At the same time, the visual tension effect is used to make the girl instantly become a sexy queen.

4. "Sexy World Sexy underwear" -The hot sell

"Sexy world sex lingerie" is a representative sexy underwear shop in Yiwu.European and American sexy underwear in its store is one of the most popular products, especially sexy lace sexy underwear and retro underwear in Europe and America. It has excellent production, delicate fabrics, comfortable wearing, and is loved by female customers.

5. "Qingxin Lover" -The girl suitable for grassy grass

"Qingxin underwear" is a relatively small and delicate sexy underwear store. The owner is a Taobao shop owner. This time he entered the physical store business. It adopts professional materials, design, and production methods to promote Japanese sexy underwear as the main goal.At the same time, the style of girls suitable for grassy grass allows consumers to learn more about more types and styles of sexy underwear.


"Spicy Dance Instead" is a more well -known sexy underwear shop. They take care of sexy and practicality, as well as comfort and privacy.The most popular in the store is the good and soft modern sexy underwear and perspective lace sexy underwear, which can allow women to enter the state quickly and enhance sexual interest.


"Sex Island Fun Underwear" is a versatile leader in Yiwu City. Their product styles are the most creative, including sailor sex underwear, sailor makeup, sexy lingerie, and vibrato style.There is also a highlight in the store that you can take pictures in the store to let customers feel the atmosphere of sexy underwear.

8. "Urban Sex Lords"

"Metropolis Info Hide" is a relatively high -end sexy underwear store in Yiwu. They pay attention to fashion and personalization, as well as the comfort and quality of fabrics.The most popular in the store is the mix and match series of sexy underwear, which will bring a new trial experience to customers. At the same time, there are many different styles of underwear style for customers to choose from.

9. "Milu" -Our quality is our guarantee

"Milu" is a sexy underwear shop with quality assurance as a gimmick. All products in all stores use cotton fabrics, which have excellent breathability and will be carved with each detail, so that each piece of underwear is very soft.Comfortable.The most popular style in the store is a pajamas suit suitable for lovers.

10. "Fish Tank Girl Sexy underwear"

"Fish Tank Girls’ Influences" is a sexy underwear shop that focuses on national characteristics and respects the style of minority clothing.The most popular in the store is the sexy underwear of ethnic minorities, including parental type, noble, fashionable type, etc., which are very suitable for women who like to try different styles.


In Yiwu City, sexy underwear shows a variety of brands, styles and styles. Customers can choose underwear that suits them according to their own personality, needs and preferences.It should be noted that when choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the quality of quality and fabric, and whether it is suitable for personal interest.

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