Xiaojiao Wife Fun Underwear Novels

The taste of Xiaojiao’s wife

Xiaojiao’s wife is a woman with enthusiastic lingerie. She has a beautiful figure and sexy temperament. She likes to show her graceful figure and give her husband a different experience in bed.She pays great attention to taste and texture, as well as the choice of sexy underwear.

French underwear with thousands of styles

Xiaojiao’s wife likes French underwear very much. This type of sexy underwear often has exquisite lace and detail design. It is full of femininity.In addition, she can fully show her figure and let her exudes charming charm in front of her husband.

Sexy mesh underwear

Net yarn underwear is also one of the favorite types of Xiaojiao’s wife. This underwear is transparent and silky, which can show the body to the fullest, giving people a sense of temptation and teasing.When her husband saw her wearing such underwear, she would naturally be evoked unlimited imagination.

Charming leather underwear

For leather underwear Xiaojiao’s wife, she has always had a special love. The leather material is full of texture and layering, giving a strong visual impact.After putting on it, she can show her beauty and charm more confidently.

Elegant silk shirt

Silk underwear is one of the choices of Xiaojiao’s wife in daily life. It has a smooth feel and elegant temperament, and it is also an indispensable part of women’s sexy charm.Elegant silk underwear can easily show women’s beauty and tenderness.

Sexy and invincible corset suit

The corset suit is the favorite kind of sexy underwear of Xiaojiao’s wife, because it can show each curve of the body, squeeze the plump chest full, and make her intoxication the focus.At the same time, the design of the suit is also very delicate, giving a feeling of a little woman.

Simple and sexy perspective underwear

Perspective underwear has both sexy and hot, with a simple design and style, which can allow women to show their own charm while reflecting their own taste.Xiaojiao’s wife likes to see the design of underwear, because it can see her wonderful figure at a glance, so that her husband can feel more visually.

Transparent crystal underwear

Crystal underwear is very suitable for wearing in a hot summer. It can be worn inside the swimsuit, allowing women to show a sexy figure by the seaside or swimming pool.In addition, crystal underwear also has a certain surprise. Generally, it is not particularly transparent, but once it is soaked by water, it will show a transparent effect.

Various and sexy gauze underwear

The gauze underwear is also one of the sexy underwear appreciated by Xiaojiao’s wife. It has a variety of styles and designs, which can show the figure very beautiful and sexy.At the same time, the material of the yarn skirt will also make people feel very comfortable, which ensures that not only the appearance is beautiful but also very good.

Sexual blessing life brought by sexy underwear

The reason why Xiaojiao’s wife likes sexy underwear is also because these underwear can bring a richer sexual blessing life.After putting on underwear, she not only allows her husband to get more visually, but also can bring more surprises and experiences to her husband on the bed.Therefore, sexy underwear has become a key to a better and harmonious between Xiaojiao’s wife and husband.


Interest underwear is one of the essential sexy equipment for modern women. It can make women show their beautiful figure on the bed, but also add more fun in family life.Xiaojiao’s wife likes sexy underwear not only because they make them look more attractive, but also because they can inject more vitality and sustainable sparks into the husband and wife relationship.

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