Xiao Zhan wears a fun underwear video collection

Xiao Zhan wears a fun underwear video collection

Xiao Zhan, as a fans loved by fans, has always attracted much attention in the variety shows and concerts.But recently, some netizens have exposed a series of pictures and videos on major social platforms. The content is Xiao Zhan wearing sexy underwear.These pictures and videos have quickly triggered controversy and discussion. Surprisingly, the style and sexy level of these sexy underwear far exceed the category of ordinary underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the video collection of these Xiao Zhan wearing sexy underwear.

1. Smooth silk

In this video, Xiao Zhan wore a smooth purple silk underwear. This material has a very good texture and looks very high -end. This is a very rare match in sexy underwear.Xiao Zhan is beautiful in the photo, full of a mature sexy atmosphere.

2. Red sexy underwear

This photo is one of the most exciting photos. Xiao Zhan is wearing a red -colored sexy underwear, the back is decorated with a bow, and the front is based on lace.Show the unpredictable sexy temperament.

3. Classic black

In this photo, Xiao Zhan wore a classic black color sexy underwear, with tight -fitting design, hips and tall figures, showing Xiao Zhan’s perfect figure ratio, which is very enviable.

4. Beach style

This photo is different from before. Xiao Zhan wears green sexy underwear on the beach and looked at it from a distance.The embellishment highlights Xiao Zhan’s beautiful posture.

5. Square details

This photo is the most detailed one. You can see that Xiao Zhan wears a pink sexy underwear. The prosperous flower texture and detail design are very focused, especially at the interchange of the chest and waist. The complex detail design is used., Make Xiao Zhan more sexy.

6. Modern style

In this photo, Xiao Zhan wore a modern style of sexy underwear. The black lace was embellished on white underwear, showing the fresh charm of urban women.The simple design shows the temperament and charm of Xiao Zhan.

7. Underwear and feathers

This photo Xiao Zhan wore a set of purple underwear. The underwear was covered with feathers, creating an elegant atmosphere. The tulle underwear felt soft and delicate, and it seemed to feel the softness of Xiao Zhan’s skin.

8. Sweet style

This photo is Xiao Zhan wearing a sweet and stylish underwear, white lace and skirts make him look like a cute girl.The whole wear style is very fresh and sweet.

9. The clever design of the fusion

This photo shows the dark sexy underwear worn by Xiao Zhan, with some dark bow and lace lace on the underwear.The whole design feels very clever. Even though the underwear itself is very exposed, it feels very sexy.

10. Overall view

This video collection made people see different Xiao Zhan, which aroused controversy and attention.In my opinion, wearing erotic underwear does not represent any defects in personality. At the same time, we should also have a more enlightened and rational attitude towards sex and sexy.These erotic underwear may be very bold, but they are also full of artistic and fashionable elements.

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