Women’s Washing Planets

Women’s Washing Planets

For many women, sexy underwear has become an important part of daily dress.However, in order to protect and extend the service life of sexy underwear, correct cleaning methods are also crucial.The following is the precautions and suggestions for women’s wash -to -sex underwear.

Choose a washing solution

First of all, in order to protect their materials and softness, sexy underwear should use a mild washing solution.Avoid using strong chemicals and bleaching agents because these substances can cause damage and fading of sexy underwear materials.It is a good choice to choose a specialized sexy underwear washing solution.

Hand washing as the top

Wash as much as possible.Although many modern washing machines provide some very gentle clothes washing methods, when cleaning underwear, it is the best choice with hand.Hand washing will be more mild, and it will not damage their details or special design when dealing with sexy underwear.

Classification and cleaning

It is safer to clean up different types of sexy underwear such as underwear, bra, branches, and jackets.Each underwear has its special key cleaning methods and materials requirements. Mixed cleaning may cause some unnecessary losses.

Warm water cleaning

Wash the underwear at a mild temperature cold or warm water.Avoid using overheated water -washing sexy underwear, otherwise it may cause damage and deformation, affecting the appearance and comfort.At the same time, ensure that the use of alkaline -free laundry liquid is used to wash sexy underwear, soak in a soft cleaning solution for about 10 to 15 minutes.Avoid over -rubbing or brushing underwear to avoid damaging details and lines.

Light pressure

After cleaning, squeeze the sexy underwear with a soft way, do not squeeze it with force.Then use a soft towel to gently dry any remaining moisture, and finally lay the emotional underwear on the towel or clean plane, so that it is naturally drying instead of using the thermal device.


It is not recommended to dry the sexy underwear under the sun or the heater because they are vulnerable to heating and deformed.A good ventilated room is the best choice for dry sex lingerie.At the same time, the air drying of sexy underwear is also a good way to maintain its shape and extend its service life.

Sort and store

Interest underwear should formulate a suitable way before storage.Folding or binding sexy underwear together will cause tension or deformation of clothing during storage.Put the sexy underwear or hang it neatly to avoid weakening or deformation.You can use a special erotic inside bag as a storage container, so as to maintain the comfort and texture of sexy underwear.


Cleaning erotic underwear may look cumbersome, but a new sexy underwear is worth it.As long as you clean the sexy underwear in the correct way, you can maintain their beautiful appearance and sexy texture, and make them more comfortable to wear on you.

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