Woman without playing with the bottom of the sexy lingerie dew Maoxiu

Woman without playing with the bottom of the sexy lingerie dew Maoxiu

With the gradual liberation of people’s sexual concepts, women start to pay attention to the matching of their own underwear, and sexy underwear has become a popular fashion element. Wearing it will not only feel confident and full of mystery.However, it is not wise to match the women’s unsatisfactory sexy underwear. It will not only destroy the overall matching sense, but also appears with hair, which will affect the entire wear effect.In this article, I will analyze the matching method of women’s no -bottomed sexy underwear in detail, pits and solutions that should be avoided.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

As the first step, it is necessary for us to pay attention to the texture of the fabric when choosing a sexy underwear.Because the sexy underwear is mostly cortex, the material is strong, the skin is difficult to breathe, it needs to pay attention to the overall texture and breathability to create a comfortable feeling, so as not to leave the unfavorable sequelae.

2. Avoid too tight

Too close sexy underwear will have a negative impact on the health of the body.Therefore, when buying, we must consider the quality and try to avoid excessive temperature, suffocation, and panties excessively.

3. Pay attention to comfort

As a fashion element that walks at the forefront of underwear, it is best to choose the right sexy point to highlight your sexy points. At the same time, you must also consider the comfort of wearing.You can choose clothes such as high waist, triangle, T -shaped, flat, and high -quality materials.

4. Cooperate with other matching elements

Wearing erotic underwear should not be too public. When matching, you need to consider the balance of the overall matching.It can be paired with health pillows or high -collar shirts to increase perfectness.

5. Don’t take off easily

Be cautious to the parts you want to show, and try not to take off the whole.Consider your own hairstyle, maintain the comfort and beauty of the exposed parts.

6. Lumbar line fit

The width of your own waistline and underwear should be considered, especially in the case of daily matching.Generally speaking, the strap of the underwear should be supported by the band, which can improve the fit of the underwear and make the waistline more charming.

7. It should not be worn as daily

Interest underwear is not suitable for wearing every day. The effect of daily clothes and sexy underwear is also different. It cannot be used as a regular matching method and needs to be cautious.

8. Underwear changes

Don’t think that sexy underwear is very popular with people, and it will always stay in place, and changes are more wonderful than fixed.You can try the design of the back to match or find a more elegant innovative element to achieve variable mode.

9. Add interest

As a retail product, sexy underwear needs more intimate service and matching.You can choose to increase the fun of clothing, such as elegant skirts, falling curves, and cute design, and also maintain the diversification of overall dressing.

10. Look at both inside and outside

Even at home, wearing erotic underwear needs to pay attention to the effect of wearing. Do not be deceived by the appearance, and comprehensively consider from both internal and external aspects.

Viewpoint: How to express self in sexy charm is an art. Pay attention to the choice and matching of sexy underwear to create a more eye -catching self -image.At the same time, it should also avoid the embarrassing situation of exposed hair, maintain the perfectness of the overall match, and the sexy showing should be just right.

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