Will you get sick if you wear a sexy underwear?

Will you get sick if you wear a sexy underwear?

Falling underwear material

Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear usually uses more lace, mesh and other materials, and has less designs in part of the skin.Therefore, the choice of material is very important for preventing infection.Some people may be allergic to artificial materials, so it is best to choose natural cotton, silk and other materials.

Control of wearing time

It is best not to wear sexy underwear for too long, because wearing for a long time may cause the underwear to scrape the skin, causing dermatitis, itching and other discomfort symptoms.Generally speaking, do not wear more than 8 hours a day.

Correct cleaning method

When cleaning sex underwear, it is recommended to use mild soap and water, and avoid using a strong chemical cleaner as much as possible.In addition, it is best to wash sexy underwear alone to avoid mixing with other clothes and cause cross -infection.

Try to avoid morning wearing sexy underwear

Men should try to avoid wearing erotic underwear in the morning state, because at this time, the blood circulation of the genital tissue is relatively unobstructed, and the tight sexy underwear may hinder the return of testicular blood flow and increase the probability of suffering from balanitis.

Replace underwear

Underwear is a clothing that everyone needs to wear every day, and whether changing underwear often has a great impact on preventing infection.It is recommended to replace underwear once a day and change the underwear in time after exercise or sweating to keep the skin dry.

Don’t choose too tight underwear

When sexy underwear is too tight, it may destroy the skin barrier and increase the risk of skin or vaginal infections.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose to meet the personal size and try to avoid too tight underwear.

Buy brand underwear

It is recommended to buy brand sexy underwear.This can ensure that the material, quality and process of the underwear meet the standards, and reduce the probability of stimulation and infection of the skin.

Follow the doctor’s suggestion

If you have been infected with diseases such as skin diseases, vaginitis, or sexually transmitted diseases, it is best not to wear sexy underwear during treatment.After healing, you can wear sexy underwear again, but it is best to conduct the advice of a doctor.


In short, wearing sexy underwear does not directly cause infection diseases, but if you choose improperly or not pay attention to hygiene, it will still cause skin or genital infection.Therefore, as long as we choose the sexy underwear that suits us, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, and follow the doctor’s advice, we can safely wear sexy underwear.

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