Why don’t physical stores buy sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy, mysterious and charming underwear. More and more women are beginning to like this type of underwear.However, some people choose to buy underwear in physical stores instead of buying on the Internet.Now, let’s analyze why buying sexy underwear in physical stores is not the best choice.

Different choices

Many physical stores provide limited sexy underwear, and they often only provide some ordinary types and styles.In contrast, online shopping provides more choices, allowing consumers to try different styles and brands.Therefore, for those who want to find unique and novel sexy underwear, online shopping is more advantageous.

price comparison

The price of sexy underwear in physical stores is usually higher than the price of online shopping.This is because physical stores need to pay rent, labor and other expenses.However, many online stores can provide better prices without additional costs, which also makes shopping costs lower.

Private issues

Some consumers are not willing to buy sexy underwear in physical stores, because they are worried that others will make a good judgment on their purchases.Especially for those who have a more introverted personality or do not like to expose their privacy too much, online shopping is a more privacy choice.

Convenience and comfort

To buy sexy underwear in a physical store, consumers need to take off their coats and put on underwear to try on.This process is not only embarrassing, but also very uncomfortable.In contrast, sexy underwear stores on the Internet can provide a more convenient and easier shopping experience.Consumers can try it on at home, without having to worry about others’ opinions and unnecessary embarrassment.

Shopping experience and customer service

Buying sexy underwear in physical stores may face shopping experience and customer service.If the clerk’s professional knowledge is not enough, then they cannot or are unwilling to answer consumers’ doubts and questions.In contrast, online shopping usually provides clear and clear answers and explanations, as well as good customer service and refund policies.


Although sexy underwear has become more and more popular and popular, they are still not regarded as a standard underwear choice in some areas.Some physical stores may not sell such products, or hidden their display.This makes it more difficult and inconvenient to buy sexy underwear.

Media channels and information dissemination

With the continuous development of the Internet, more and more people have begun to use Internet shopping, and they can discover and obtain various sexy underwear through the Internet.In contrast, the information transmission and promotion of the sexy underwear information of physical stores have encountered difficulties.Therefore, it is often difficult for people to find the styles and types they really like in physical stores.

in conclusion

Based on the above analysis, if you need to buy sexy underwear, we recommend that you find and buy on the Internet.Although physical stores have its advantages in some aspects, online shopping is cheaper, diverse, more privacy, more comfortable and more professional.Of course, we encourage consumers to consider their needs and budgets before shopping, so as to find the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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