Wife wears sexy underwear in the wild

Introduction: Charm of sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more common, and people like to wear them in private occasions or special activities.The plasticity of this clothing is very large. Some are to increase interest or regulate sexual life, and some are to express fashion trends or personality.Whatever reason, wearing sex underwear can make people feel more confident and attractive.

Funeral Underwear Type Overview

There are many types of erotic underwear, classifying based on a variety of standards.Here are some of the most common classification methods:

According to gender: men’s sexy underwear and women’s sexy underwear

According to the degree of sexy: sexy lingerie and blasphemy of sexy underwear

According to the material: silk, lace, leather and other different materials

According to styles: restraint, open crotch, three -point style, transparency, etc.

The story of wives wearing sexy underwear in the wild

I used to travel to the suburbs with my wife.At that time, I was unfortunately had a cold and I couldn’t move in the car.When my wife saw me like this, I tried to make me happy.She went to a nearby small village to buy a sexy sexy underwear, then replaced it, and showed me in that remote place.In this scene, I not only forget the pain, but also taste my wife’s beautiful posture.This matter teaches me the power and charm of sexy underwear.

Sexual Emotional Fun underwear characteristics

Sexual feelings are usually designed as thinner fabrics, which can see the outline and texture of the body through underwear.They can help women emphasize chest, hips and leg curves.For men, these style hems and placket design are perfect bait.

The characteristics of blasphemy underwear

Black -derived sexy underwear is generally bolder and used to irritate sexual desire.They usually include those clothes that expose lace, mesh, leather, or other similar materials.Enjoying the body’s immune response, enhancing impulse will increase the level of dopamine in the body, these feelings will make humans experience a brief pleasure.


The material and quality of sexy underwear are essential for overall feelings.High -quality materials can make you feel more comfortable and unrestrained when wearing.Many people advocate choosing to be able to wash, soft texture, and protective fabric

High waistline underwear style

High -waist sex underwear or bottom is popular.In addition to emphasizing leg shape, another advantage of this sexy underwear is that it can hide small drum bags that can hide the waist and belly.It allows many people to get sexy curves without sacrificing comfort.

The characteristics of transparent sex lingerie

Transparent sexy underwear may be more troublesome for those who pay attention to privacy. They always worry that their little secrets will be spread through some channels after taking pictures in public or after taking pictures.But for those who want to show their figure, perspective sexy underwear is a good choice.

The buttocks emphasize design sexy underwear

When men or women choose sexy underwear, the attractiveness of design emphasis on hips often allows people to achieve unexpected results.Many erotic underwear emphasize the streamlined design and curvature of the hips, making the body look more charming.

Sexy and beautiful erotic underwear size problems

The fabrics and design of each brand’s sexy underwear or each underwear are different, so different size standards will be different.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is a necessary step to carefully check the size of the table and tailor -made.

Conclusion: The charm of sexy underwear is everywhere

Whether you are a solid traditionalist or a free trend, you can put on sex underwear freely at your favorite time and place to broaden your horizons and express your beauty and charm in your satisfactory way.

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