Wife never found sexy underwear

Introduction: The beauty of sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, I have always liked this job.It makes my customers full of confidence in bed, and also makes me more deeply understand the design of underwear.But one of the most interesting things is to see the interaction between husband and wife. When they cooperate with confident sexy underwear, their relationship is closer.However, one of my customers told me happily that he had this secret for 20 years, and his wife had never discovered that he was wearing a sexy underwear.This reminds me of a few points. I will share some ideas below.

I don’t know the brand

My client loves the sexy underwear of a brand, and this brand is quite special.Their design focuses on comfort and softness, but does not hinder sexy.And this brand does not advertise on the interface of ordinary underwear, nor does it appear in the news, which means that you need special opportunities to understand it.My client discovered the brand through his own research and enthusiasm. If he didn’t do this, he would not understand these amazing styles.

It feels different to wear

The beauty of erotic underwear is that after putting on them, you will feel more confident and sexy.If you have never tried sexy underwear, then you will not know their differences.The quality and appropriate degree of underwear are important, and the experience of sexy underwear far exceeds general underwear.My client told me that he felt completely different after wearing a fun underwear, as if he could conquer the world.

Attractiveness to women

We usually think that sexy underwear is only targeted at women, but this is not actually the case.In many cases, men’s sexy underwear will become more attractive.My client told me that when he had a good night wearing a sexy underwear and his wife, their relationship became more pure and intimate.

Brand valuation

For those who know underwear brands, they usually pay attention to the brand’s valuation.My client told me that the price of some underwear brands is very high, and the price of other brands is relatively low, but the quality is also excellent.It is worth noting that special methods need to find truly good brands and designs.

Is the brand reputation so important?

Brand reputation is a very important factor in the market today, and underwear brands are no exception.My client told me that he had no special brand reputation concept before, and he was just looking for a sexy underwear with suitable size and good comfort.He acknowledged that when he found a reliable brand, it made him feel more confident and powerful.

The reason for keeping secrets

My client has been married to his wife for 20 years, but she has never discovered that he is wearing a sexy underwear.The reason is that he wants to maintain his private space and think that this is very important for their relationship.He told me that the reason why he kept secret is because he wanted to protect their marriage relationship and their personal choices was not disturbed by the outside world.

From a social perspective

Some people think that sexy underwear is irresponsible and indulgent in family relations, but I think this is completely misunderstanding of relationships.For my customers, sexy underwear is only part of their family life, which can enhance the healthy development of trust, interaction and relationships between husband and wife.

in conclusion

In short, the role of sexy underwear in the relationship between husband and wife is not undervalued.These special underwear can not only enhance self -confidence and attractiveness, but also increase interaction and trust between husband and wife.Maintaining secrets is the respect for personal choices, and the brand’s choice is the key.So encourage your partner to try some different sexy underwear.

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