Why do women are very scarce and lack of sexy underwear

Why do women are very scarce and lack of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy female costume. Its appearance makes women more mysterious, tempting and interesting in the process of sex.However, there are very few quality and comfortable sexy underwear on the market, so women are always looking for sexy underwear that suits them, but it is often difficult to wish.The following will analyze why women are very sparsely lacking.

The first reason: sexy and comfortable balance

The design requirements of sexy underwear must take into account both sexy and comfort, so it is necessary to be extremely careful in fabrics and production.However, many sexual underwear fabrics have poor quality, inappropriate sizes, rough production, etc. Many women are uncomfortable to wear, let alone show sexy charm.If the quality of the quality of the quality of the quality and the details of the production technology are not bad, the comfortable and sexy combination is perfect, and the women will naturally be happy to buy it.

Second reason: brand scarcity

Compared with ordinary underwear brands, the brand of sexy underwear is mostly niche brands or small studios, so the brand’s popularity and credibility are limited.When women buy underwear, they usually choose well -known brands with credibility, but because of the scarce brands, it is difficult for women to find sexy underwear that conform to their figure and taste.

Third reason: the size is generally small

The trouble of the size is inevitable that every woman is inevitable.The size of the sexy underwear is generally small, which makes women have a headache.If the size of a sex underwear is not designed properly, too small or too much will make it uncomfortable or unable to present a sexy effect.Therefore, women often need to try a variety of sizes and models, which is why it is difficult to find sexy underwear that is in line with their figure in the market.

Fourth reason: Choose a narrow face

The design of sexy underwear is bold and novel, which can bring sexy and mysterious sense.However, due to the relatively small market demand, many sexy lingerie brands are single, which is difficult to meet the needs of different women.If the brand can develop more diverse and novel designs and enrich women’s choices, women will be more willing to buy sexy lingerie.

Fifth reason: the price is high

Compared to ordinary underwear, the price of sexy underwear is usually high.On the one hand, it is because the design and fabrics and process requirements of sexy underwear are higher than ordinary underwear, and on the other hand, because the sexy underwear market is relatively small, and the cost sharing is relatively small, so that the price of single products is high.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, women will pay more attention to cost -effectiveness and require products to have higher cost performance.

Sixth reason: traditional culture restraint

With the continuous progress of society, people’s aesthetic concept has also undergone a change.However, in countries and regions with conservative or religious culture in some traditional culture, sex is considered sin and taboos, and sexy underwear is also considered a representative of obscene and inferiority.This aesthetic restraint and ideological imprisonment have made many women discouraged and dare not wear sexy underwear.

Seventh reason: The purchase channel is narrow

Because of its special purpose, the sales channels are very different from ordinary underwear.Most of the sexy underwear is sold through sexual products or online e -commerce, of which online e -commerce has become the first choice.However, many women may worry about the sexy underwear purchased online and worry about scams, fakes and other issues.Therefore, establishing a trustworthy purchase channel and sales platform is also an important measure to enhance the confidence of women’s purchase of sexy underwear.

Eighth reason: cultural differences

The cultural background of each country and region is different, and the perception and acceptance of sexy underwear are also different.Some countries connect sexy underwear and sexy, and believe that it is a way to enhance feelings and sublimate love between couples; but some countries regard sexy underwear as a vulgar and obscene item.Therefore, women in different countries and regions have different degrees of acceptance of sexy underwear.


In a short life, everyone should have a sexy underwear that belongs to its own.However, the quality of sex underwear, brand awareness, high price, traditional cultural restraint, narrow purchase channels, and small size, etc. The purchase of sex underwear is particularly difficult.In order to meet women’s needs for sexy underwear, the brand and market need to work together to promote the continuous improvement of the quality and design level of sexy underwear, so that women can choose a comfortable and sexy style when buying sexy underwear.

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