Why do boys tear their sexy underwear

Why do boys tear their fun underwear?

Sex underwear has always been a kind of sex toys, and its appearance has changed people’s lifestyle and aesthetic concepts.For women, wearing sexy erotic underwear can increase sexual attractiveness, but there are always some boys who especially like tearing underwear.Why do boys tear their sex underwear?Let’s discuss it together.

Express the dominance desire

Boys to tear up sexy underwear to a large extent are a way to express dominance, making them feel the power to control the situation.For some more domineering boys, it is a wonderful feeling to restrict women.The moment they saw the underwear were torn, they felt like a victory.

Venting emotions

When boys are out of control, it is easy to have violence, and tearing underwear has become a way to vent their emotions.Those who are dissatisfied with their work and living conditions often vent their inner depression by tearing underwear.

Pursue a sense of excitement

For some men who seek excitement, tearing underwear is a good way to seek excitement.Boys full of impulsive heart often perform tearing underwear on some occasions with irritation of the opposite sex to pursue a wild and irritating feeling.

Excessive stimuli

Some boys tear up sexy underwear are a kind of behavior that shows under excessive stimulation.In the process of sexual life, it was suddenly too strongly stimulated, and under the control of emotional discharge, it caused the emergence of tearing underwear. This situation is more common in young and adolescents.

Mental state abnormal

Some men suffer from mental illness or psychological state of special passage, and there will also be some overly fierce tearing underwear.For these people, professional medical help are needed.

Simply curious

Sometimes, boys tear up sexy underwear are just driven by curiosity, hoping to understand the texture and structure of underwear.In this case, boys do not tear underwear because of maliciousness, just to meet the needs of curiosity.

Feeling uncomfortable

In some love process, women may wear sexy underwear to let boys tear in targeted.However, after boys do too much tearing underwear, they may feel a little uncomfortable with the body, such as difficulty breathing, excessive fatigue.At this time, women need to make concessions and adjust.

Taste difference

The taste of boys and girls in sexy underwear is likely to be different. Some boys may not like sexy sexy underwear.So when tearing underwear, they hope to disassemble the sexy underwear that is not suitable for women.

Lack of respect

For some boys who lack respect and care, tearing sex underwear is often a behavior that degrades women.In the process of sex, such people will regard women as tools, not the emotional incarnation of the other party, which will lead to the appearance of tearing underwear.


The reason for boys to tear up sexy underwear is diverse. Each man has his own ideas and needs, and there is no absolute correct answer.If the couple can respect each other and understand each other, they can avoid the contradictions and contradictions caused by tearing underwear.

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