Who is the queen of sexy underwear

Guizi: Who is the queen of sexy underwear?

Talking about sexy underwear, the first thing we think of may be European and American style, naked sexy, and even lace lace.But with the increasingly prosperous domestic sex culture, domestic sexy underwear brands have gone out of different routes.There are stunners that preach freedom, fashion and avant -garde, as well as foxes that create women’s most authentic feelings.

Brand strength: Tao girl and fox

In the domestic erotic underwear market, the two brands of foxes and Tao girls have always appeared strong.Tao girls have set a record of over 300 million yuan in just two years. With their conscience pre -sale and after -sales and fast and accurate logistics services, they have been praised.The fox is dazzling with underwear products that create self -confident women and are characterized by shooting women’s real figures.Both companies are in the leading position of the industry in strength and operation management.

Product style: the combination of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

The product style of domestic sex lingerie brands has absorbed the design elements of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and created a new style.Various styles and styles also provide multiple choices for consumers of different needs.Girls with geometric patterns are sexy underwear, or European and American style of sexy underwear with feathers and other elements have become the favorite of many women.

Price positioning: carnival and discount

The price of domestic sex lingerie brands has always been quite close to the people, and most of the products are around 100 yuan.During the period of great promotion and special offer, you can even enjoy a 20 % discount.This pricing strategy has attracted a large number of young women and has also increased the brand market share.

Marketing strategy: Internet celebrity endorsement and e -commerce sales

In recent years, the marketing strategy of sexy underwear brands has become increasingly increasingly spoken by Internet celebrities and e -commerce sales.In the case of domestic interest culture is not very popular, the influence of Internet celebrity spokespersons can bring a lot of traffic and users to the brand, and it is convenient for consumers to experience brand services to the offline Taobao agent, thereby enhancing the brand’s market share.

Material and fabric: The quality requirements are continuously improved

Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear has higher requirements for breathable and skin -friendly.Especially in the quality of quality in recent years, quality issues have become an inevitable topic.Therefore, the current brands have shifted from the use of local materials to the past to purchase higher quality fabrics from overseas, so as to improve quality in quality.

Size design: Professional tailoring and fit body

Different size design can provide a convenient and intimate experience experience for different body women.Nowadays, more and more brands work hard on the wearable welfare of small breasts, and launching various styles of AA cups, so that small breasts can also have their favorite sexy underwear.

User needs: Function is specially launched

While constantly understanding and meeting consumer needs, sexy underwear brands continue to launch more distinctive and personalized products.Such as the sexy underwear of weight loss, the side buckle -type upgraded cross -pants, water droplets wave -shaped cups, increasing sexy underwear of swinging effects, and so on.

Consumption Trends: Further customization

Judging from the current market situation, consumers’ demand is becoming more and more diverse. In addition to various flat and personalized products, consumers also require personalized customization of their sexy underwear.The sales of this customized product are also growing, becoming one of the new trends in the sex underwear market.

Viewpoint: brand, product and quality are the key

When we walk into major shopping malls, we will find that the sexy underwear has rushed towards the fashion, personalization and popularization of the public.However, the brand and quality of the sexy underwear market may be an important indicator for measuring a domestic sexy underwear brand.Of course, many brands have focused their attention on prices and humanized services.A piece of erotic underwear must not only make women feel confident and sexy, but also reflect superb technical and design in quality and lines.Therefore, brands, products and quality should be the most concerned factor for consumers.After all, a good brand, an excellent product, and high -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes will be a necessary factor in the fun underwear market in a short period of time.

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