Who is the model of Tmall sex underwear

Who is the model of Tmall sex underwear

Tmall, as an e -commerce platform of Alibaba, has attracted much attention in the sexy underwear market.In addition to the quality of the product itself, each brand chooses its own model to display the product.So, who is Tmall’s sexy underwear?

1. Brand’s own model

Some brands will choose their own models to show their products, which can show their unique characteristics and styles of its brand.For example, FOU chain erotic underwear will choose their own models. Most of these models are models very famous in the Beijing model circle, such as Hua Fei and Mu Zixuan.

2. Professional platform model

In addition to the brand’s own models, there is also a model source for professional models found through outsourcing companies or platforms.These platforms will have a large number of outstanding models, and brands only need to screen to obtain the need for models.This method is suitable for brands that just start and do not have enough budget to find big -name models.

Third, Internet celebrity models

With the rise of the live broadcast economy, many Internet celebrity models have begun to emerge.Most of these Internet celebrity models have a large number of fans on social media platforms to display products through live broadcasts.Moreover, the popularity of Internet celebrity models is high and can bring a lot of traffic.Therefore, some brands have also begun to choose online celebrity models to show their products to get more exposure.

Fourth, star endorsement

In addition to ordinary models, there is also a way of endorsement to invite celebrities to endorse.The star’s popularity is higher than ordinary models and can attract more attention.Moreover, the number of fans of some stars is also very large, which can bring more traffic.However, the cost of this method is also very expensive. Only some big brands will choose this method.

Five, real model

For some big -name brands, they choose a live model to display the product.These models are absolutely beautiful and their figures are very normal.This method allows consumers to better understand the style and usage of the product.

6. Factors for model selection

Whether it is a brand, professional platform models, Internet celebrity models, star endorsements, or live models, they will choose to be suitable for their own models.Brands will choose models that are suitable for their products according to their positioning.For example, cute styles will choose to match cute models, and sexy styles will choose sexy models.

Seven, the body’s body requirements

No matter what type of Tmall sexy underwear models, there are strict body requirements.Models need to have a high figure and beautiful face, and they need to pay great attention to their personal image and reputation.This is because the model represents the brand, the image and aesthetics of brand products will be reflected in the model.

8. The occupation composition of the model

The occupation of sexy underwear is more diversified. There are some professional models, but there are many people with different professions who will also become a model of sexy underwear.For example, college students, models, anchors, flight attendants, public relations, etc. As long as they have a high image and temperament, they can become a model of sexy underwear.

Nine, the development of the model industry

With the continuous development of the sexy underwear industry, the model industry of Tmall’s sex underwear has gradually formed a certain scale.The model of sexy underwear is not only a representative of the traditional fashion model, but also includes a variety of occupations such as live anchors and event planning.Sex underwear also let more people understand the industry through the development of the model industry.

10. Viewpoint

As a consumer, you must choose the right style in combination with your own body and preferences when choosing a sexy underwear.When buying, the model of sexy underwear only plays a reference role, and should not pursue the model’s face value and figure too much.The most important thing is the brand’s strength and product quality.

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