Who buy the sexy underwear husband and wife

Who buy the sexy underwear husband and wife

As a unique fashion category, sexy underwear often becomes a choice of sexual fun between partners.However, between husband and wife, who is responsible for buying sexy underwear has often become a more subtle question.

Different angles of men and women

From the perspective of men and women, there seems to be different understanding and needs to buy sexy underwear.Men often believe that women’s sexy, heterosexual sexy underwear will add their excitement.When women buy sexy underwear, they are more pursuing comfort, quality and their own psychological needs.

Buying requires both parties to reach an agreement

Although men and women have different needs when buying sexy underwear, we should also notice that the opinions and preferences of husband and wife need to reach a consensus at some point.Especially in the fields of sexy underwear that requires husband and wife to participate and enjoy together, it is particularly important to reach consensus.

Women’s preferred sexy underwear type

When women buy sexy underwear, they often choose brands that are more conservative and guaranteed, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Clover, Lise Charmel and other brands.The sexy underwear of these brands has attractive colors and patterns, and it is relatively comfortable to wear at the same time, allowing women to experience sexy feelings and retain their dignity and taste.

Men should pay attention to when buying sexy underwear

If men want to buy sexy underwear for their wives or partners, they should first understand their size and determine their preferences and preferences.At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, men should pay attention to brand, materials, design and whether they are suitable for wearing.Only in this way, you can choose a sexy underwear that reflects both men’s aesthetics and meets women’s needs.

Sex underwear selected by both parties

If both husbands and wives do not know each other’s preferences and preferences, or if they want to choose sexy underwear together, you can choose some sexy and comfortable, design affinity sexy underwear brands, such as Agent Provocateur, Journelle, and Honey Birdette.The sexy underwear of these brands usually has a simple and stylish design, and also meets women’s requirements for comfort. After putting it on, it can meet the needs of men and make women feel delicate and comfortable.

Selection of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, material is also a more important factor.Common sexy lingerie materials include lace, gauze, silk, cotton, etc.The sexy underwear of lace and yarn is usually more sexy and charming, but it may not be comfortable, while the sexy underwear of silk and cotton is more comfortable and a better sense of dressing.

Color choice

Interest underwear usually has rich color choices, such as black, red, purple, white, etc.In terms of color selection, both husband and wife can choose according to each other’s preferences, or choose according to factors such as occasions and moods.If you are not sure of the choice of color, you can choose the classic black or red.

Selection of the purchase method

There are two types of sexy underwear.If the husband and wife have a clear understanding of styles and size, online purchase is a convenient and privacy choice.If you do n’t know much about sexy underwear, you can choose a physical store to buy and get more professional and detailed services and opinions.

Regarding price consideration

The price of sexy underwear is often high, because of its high quality and design requirements.When buying sexy underwear, couples also need to consider their actual economic situation.If the budget is relatively tight, you can choose some more affordable brands, such as H & M, ZARA, etc., although the price of these brands is relatively low, the quality and comfort are also guaranteed.

Comprehensive consideration in combination

All in all, who is responsible for buying between sexy lingerie couples is a question of the needs, understanding and preferences of the needs of the husband and wife.You can refer to the above suggestions to comprehensively consider the brand, materials, design, color, price, and purchase method. You can buy sexy underwear that suits you, add interest and combination between husband and wife.

The above are some brief suggestions about the purchase of sexy underwear couples. I believe it will be helpful for couples who choose sexy underwear.

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