Where to dry the sex lingerie

Where to dry the sex lingerie

1 Introduction

Sexy underwear is a passionate artifact between modern couples, but many people have been confused about how to dry their love clothes.Today, let’s solve this problem.

2. Don’t dry with other clothes

First of all, be clear. Do not expose it with other ordinary clothes when you drying sexy underwear.Because some chemical fiber -based sexy underwear will release harmful substances, and it is easy to accelerate this chemical reaction in the sun.

3. Sexy underwear is dried in a cool place

Interesting underwear should be hung in a cool place where the sun is not seen, which can avoid sexy underwear to retreat due to sunlight.The place to dry is not a humid and humid place, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, which can easily make bacteria breeding and affect the hygiene of clothing.

4. The sexy underwear after hand should be dry naturally

Washing sexy underwear with a washing machine may cause deformation, so it is recommended to wash the delicate sexy underwear, and then dry it.Hang clothes in places where air circulation and avoid direct sunlight to ensure natural drying.

5. Choose drying method according to fiber materials

Sexy underwear of different materials requires different drying methods.For example, the sexy underwear of natural fibers such as cotton and innocent silk needs to be drained. Do not twist, rub, and twist hard to avoid damaging fiber deformation.In addition, handmade fabrics such as lace, crystal silk, etc. should be placed flat to avoid deformation of the troubles.

6. Do not use hot fans, electric iron and other equipment

Do not use electric iron or other heating equipment to dry up sexy underwear, which will cause damage to the elasticity and gloss of the clothing.The hot fan will make the water surface on the surface of the clothes quickly volatilize, but the internal water is too much, which is not good for fibrous materials.

7. Do not repeatedly roasted sexy underwear

Do not repeat the grilled sexy underwear, because staying in the sun for a long time, the fiber will be dried, deformation or tattered, especially in some details, such as crystals, pearls or satin decorations. You need to master the drying time and drying method.

8. Remember to change to dry and dry

If you do n’t dry for a long time, the bacteria are easy to reproduce, which may cause disease.Therefore, in the process of hanging the sun, it is best to replace the hanging and drying racks every two days, and clean the drying rack in time after each drying.


The above is what you need to pay attention to when you need to pay attention. I hope these tips can solve your troubles for you.Correctly understanding and using these methods in daily life can not only better protect the quality of sexy underwear, but also greatly help protect the health of health.

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