Where is the sexy underwear tail insertion

Where is the sexy underwear tail insertion


Sex underwear is part of modern culture, and they can be used for personal enjoyment, partner interaction and sexual role -playing.Among them, tails are common elements in sexy underwear, and many people will be attracted by them, but some people do not know where they should be inserted.In this article, we will discuss where the sexy lingerie tail should be inserted, and how to get the greatest comfort and enjoyment.

Type of the tail

Before starting the discussion, let’s take a look at the type of sexy lingerie tail.They are usually divided into cat tails, wolf tails, fox tails and rabbit tails.Each tail has its own unique charm and style, which can be used for different sexual role -playing, such as cat women, werewolves, fox essences and rabbit girls.What kind of tail to choose depends on the characters and personal preferences you want to play.

Fixed method

There are usually two fixed ways of sexy underwear tails.The first is fixed behind the underwear. This method is simple and easy to use, but it has some shortcomings.If the tail is relatively large or the physical activity is severe, it may fall off, which will affect the atmosphere of enjoyment and scene.The second method is to use clips to fix the hips. This method is more firm and can ensure that the tail is not easy to fall off, but it may also be uncomfortable, so you need to be cautious when using.

Where is inserted?

Let’s come to the most important question.Where should the sexy lingerie tail be inserted?In fact, this mainly depends on personal preferences and comfort.Some people like to insert their tails behind underwear, some people like to insert their tails above their hips, and some people like to insert their tails in the gap between the hips.The best suggestion is to try different positions, find a position that suits you, and enjoy the best feeling.

Tail size

Another factors that need to be noted are the size of the tail.If the tail is too large or too heavy, it may cause uncomfortable or pain.Therefore, when choosing a sexy lingerie tail, you should choose the size and weight that suits you to avoid unnecessary discomfort.


The most important thing for sexy underwear tails is to enjoy comfort.If you choose the tail or location that is not suitable for you, it may cause discomfort or pain and affect the entire experience.Therefore, be sure to choose the tail and position that suits you, and you can check whether you feel tired or painful.

cleaning method

The tail of the sexy lingerie is like other elements, and it is necessary to clean it regularly.Different tail materials require different cleaning methods.Generally speaking, the tail can be gently wiped with a warm wet cloth, or using a special sexy underwear cleaning agent to clean it.We must avoid using any chemicals or bleaching agents to avoid damaging tail materials.

Tail match

Fun underwear tails are usually matched with other elements, such as ears, gloves, and so on.In order to obtain the best results, these elements should match the tail style and match the theme of the role -playing.Don’t mix and match different styles of elements, which will destroy the consistency of the entire scene.


The erotic lingerie tail also needs to be matched with the scene.Different sexual role -playing requires different scene backgrounds, such as family, schools, hospitals, and so on.After determining the scene, make sure that the sexy underwear and other elements are matched with it to get the best experience.

Sharing experience

Sharing with partners is part of sex culture.Fun underwear tails can increase interaction and fun and make experiences more pleasant.Don’t be shy, share feelings with your partner, increase intimacy and taste.


When experiencing erotic lingerie tails, you must choose a tail and location that suits you to ensure comfort and enjoyment.Remember to clean the tail regularly, match other elements and scenes, and share the experience with your partner.Fun underwear tail is only a element in sexual role -playing. It is important to enjoy and interact.

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