Where is the sexy lingerie hidden

Where is the sexy lingerie hidden

Interest underwear has always been a symbol of sexy women. Wearing a sexy sexy underwear can make women more confident and charming.But when buying sexy underwear, many people do not know what details these sexy underwear is hidden in.This article will introduce where the sexy lingerie is hidden.


First of all, what we want to say is the most significant part of sexy underwear -chest.The chest is an important design part of sexy underwear. Different types and styles of sexy underwear have different chest design.For example, the flat breasts of the lace texture can be embedded with thick sponges to improve the chest shape and highlight the fullness of fullness; and the bras of 3/4 cups will increase the wing to prevent the chest from overflowing, as well as different cup types and chest trustees.


The waist design is also important in sexy underwear.For example, low -waist underwear can make the hips look more sexy; while high waist underwear can be lifted, slimming and shaping, showing the beauty of women’s curves.


The hip is another important part of the sexy curve of women.Different hips and hip lines need different designs. For example, some sexy lingerie uses a low -waist design, which directly exposes the hips and emphasizes sexy. Some use plump cotton to shrink the hips and create a perfect curve.


The back design cannot be ignored for sexy underwear.For example, some erotic lingerie uses the backless design, highlighting the beautiful lines and skin of women, and visually enhances sexy.The cross band, lace lace and ribbon decoration on the back can enhance the temptation of sexy underwear.


The shoulder design is also important in sexy underwear.If it is a shoulder strap underwear, you need to be flexible and light shoulder straps, comfortable and not shoulder, and at the same time, you can bear the task of important weight.The decoration of the shoulder strap may become an overall design highlight, such as patterns, beads or lace.

Chest buckle

The chest buckle is also part of the design of sexy underwear.The chest buckle is not only a fixed underwear, but also can be designed by size, color, and material.Some erotic underwear use their chest buckles as the highlights of the details, such as inlaid gems or brooch inlaid with small beads or pearls.


The pad also plays an important role in the design of the sexy underwear.The silicone or sponge in the pad can increase the curve and create a plump chest. At the same time, it can also cover the nipples of the breast to increase the sexy feeling.


The lace is a classic element of sexy underwear, which can create the icing on the chest, hips and shoulders.Mixing the details of gauze, silk, lace, knitted material and colorful embroidery, etc., to create a sense of fashion of deep printing details, making you the focus of the spotlight.

Transparent material

Transparent material is another classic design element of sexy underwear.Many erotic underwear uses transparent lace, gauze, silk gauze, lace and other materials to show the outline of women’s body to the fullest, and at the same time, it can also show women’s softness and sexy.


The design meaning of sexy underwear is extremely rich. The use of different design elements can highlight the personality and charm of women.Whether it is a combination of lace, gauze, silk, silicone pads, or various colors, it can be deepened into the body and colorful inner inner in the body.Interest underwear is hidden in different details, and it can create a sexy sexy in visual and touch. Because of this, sexy underwear is also regarded as a seasoning for love life by many people.

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