Where is Sanya selling sexy underwear shops?

Where can Sanya sell sexy underwear shops?

1. Sanya Department Store Building

Sanya Department Store Building is a comprehensive mall integrating shopping, catering, and leisure.Here, you can find a few shops selling interesting underwear.But it should be noted that the price may be slightly higher.

2. Sanya International Duty Free City

There are many sexy underwear stores in Sanya International Duty Free City.The price here is more moderate and the styles are more diverse.

3. Sanya Summer Plaza

Summer Square is a large shopping center integrating fashion, entertainment and shopping.Here, you can find a number of sexy underwear shops, which are rich in prices and styles.

4. Sanya Longwan Commercial Street

Yalong Bay Commercial Street is a well -known business center and the most well -known tourist and leisure paradise for tourists.There are many sexy underwear shops here. Many stores provide physical trials, and the price is relatively cheaper.

5. Sanya Atlantis Resort Commercial Street

The Atlantis Resort Commercial Street is a large commercial district built by the Atlantis Group.There are many sexy underwear shops here, and the price and style are relatively excellent.

6. Sanya HNA Duty Free Shop

HNA duty -free shop is a well -known duty -free shopping store in Sanya.In addition to duty -free products, there are many sexy underwear stores. The price is relatively high, but the quality and service are very good.

7. Sanya Asian Style Mall

The Asian style mall is a distinctive style street. The sexy lingerie shop here is colorful, novel in style, and more affordable.

8. Sanya Xiexin Center

Xiexin Center is one of the high -end business centers in Sanya.Here you can find some sexy underwear of high -end brands. The price is more expensive but quality and service are very good.

9. Sanya International Yacht Wharf Business Plaza

The yacht terminal is a commercial square that integrates yacht leasing, business and leisure.There are many sexy underwear shops, the brands, prices and styles are different, suitable for the needs of different groups.

10. Sanya Phoenix Airport Duty Free Shop

Sanya Phoenix Airport Duty Free Shop is a famous duty -free shopping store in Hainan. There are many sexy underwear stores here. The price is relatively expensive, but the product choice is very rich.


When buying sexy underwear in Sanya, you need to pay attention to the brand, price and quality of the store.If you want to find shops with more affordable prices, it is recommended to go to Yalong Bay Commercial Street or Asian style mall; if you want to buy sexy underwear of high -end brands, it is recommended to go to Xiexin Center; if you want to buy a more novel style, you can go to the International Duty Free CityOr summer square.In short, to learn about the situation of multiple stores, compare the price, brand and quality to buy sexy underwear that meets your needs.

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