Where can I sell sexy underwear in av

The background and role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear, which is mainly used to increase charm, stimulate erotic, and improve sex.The earliest sexy underwear appeared in Japan, and then became popular in Europe and the United States. It has become a global sex tool in the world.Interest underwear can also be regarded as a sex toy, which can make sex more exciting and interesting.

The classification of sexy underwear in the market

According to different needs and design, sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.Common types of sexy underwear include mouth masks, handcuffs, leather whip, chastity bands, handcuffs, suspenders, stockings, sex skirts, and so on.These erotic underwear have different appearances and uses, which can meet the needs of different groups.

Where can I sell sexy underwear in av

If you want to buy a sexy underwear used in AV, then there are a few purchases to try.The first is an adult sex products store. These sexual stores are professional shops operating various sex products. Various sexy underwear can be seen everywhere.Followed by online shopping platforms, such as large e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com, there are also many sexy underwear sales shops on these platforms.

How to choose high -quality sexy lingerie

When you are ready to buy sexy underwear, you must pay attention to choosing high -quality products.First of all, pay attention to the comfort and safety of fabrics. It is best to choose natural fabrics and products that are not allergic.Secondly, you must choose the right size, do not choose too small or too large underwear, otherwise it will affect the wear effect and experience.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear and requires special maintenance methods.First of all, pay attention to hand washing, do not use washing machines to avoid damaging fabrics and items.Secondly, different washing methods should be selected according to different material characteristics. For example, it is best to use a special washing solution to clean it.

Falling underwear wearing skills

Wearing sexy underwear is also a skill.First of all, pay attention to the appropriate dressing time, do not be too long or too short to avoid affecting comfort and health.Secondly, pay attention to matching and occasions. Different interesting underwear is suitable for different occasions and methods.

Falling underwear brand recommendation

Of course, there are also some recommended brands in many sexy underwear brands.For example, the famous domestic brands such as Martfill and 1771 have excellent performance in quality and design.At the same time, many foreign brands are worth considering, such as Victoria’s secrets and lace sexy brands.

The risk of the use of sex underwear

Although sexy underwear can increase the fun and passion of sex, there are also some risk of use.For example, wearing sexy underwear for a long time will affect your health, and the use of excessive use can also cause damage.Therefore, we must pay attention to safety and health when using sexy underwear.

Value of sex underwear

Although sexy underwear is a sexual tool, its value is far more than that.It can stimulate people’s exploration and discovery of sex, and improve the quality and beauty of sex.At the same time, it can also increase people’s self -confidence and cognition of their own body and charm.Therefore, the true value of sexy underwear is not only its external image, but also its promotion and influence on human sex culture.


In short, sexy underwear, as a sexual tool, needs to pay attention to safety and health, but also has the value worth exploring and discovery.When you choose and use sexy underwear, you must maintain a sense of rationality and security, and use sexy underwear correctly to use their greatest potential and value.

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