What type of sexy underwear is there

Falling underwear overview

Sexy underwear is a special product made for sexual security and increasing interest, which is mainly used to increase the stimulus of sexual life.There are many types of erotic underwear. The most common types are introduced below.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are one of the most common sexy lingerie types.They are characterized by sexy styles to increase the stimulus of sexual life, such as bra, close -fitting clothing, and teasing decoration.Common sexual sexy underwear includes tulle, translucent, low -cut, skeleton, conjoined body, thong, etc.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sex lingerie is a more open and bold type. This underwear is suitable for those who are willing to try new things.Adult sex lingerie usually involves SM, flirting and education, such as leather or rubber decoration.These underwear styles often involve thick -quality materials, and may also involve irritating attachments, such as handcuffs, aes, and so on.

Beach sexy sheet

Beach sex underwear is usually designed as the same style as the general appearance of a swimsuit, but it will still add more fatal details. For example, they usually use lace or small beads to decorate to increase the sexyness of the beach sex combination.When choosing a beach sex underwear, it is necessary to consider its materials. It should not be easily wrinkled or rough, otherwise it will likely affect its appearance and effect.

Underwear suit

Underwear suits are usually composed of several pieces of underwear, sometimes including stockings or lace stockings.Their style, color and mood can be different, but the most important thing is that they are suitable for combination and use to stimulate interest.When choosing underwear suits, consider its material, size, style, etc. to ensure that it is suitable for your body and preference.

Role -playing underwear

The role -playing underwear includes thongs, uniforms, boots, eye masks, strap, etc. with appropriate makeup and hairstyles, which can play any role you want to play, irritating life.

Open Crown Sex Place

The biggest feature of open crotch sex lingerie is that you can not take off your underwear during the relationship to achieve stronger sexual stimulation effects.Generally speaking, there are many styles of open crotch erotic underwear, such as conjoined, pants, and so on.Be sure to choose the style and size that suits you to achieve the best results.


The bra patch is a kind of underwear that does not need to wear a bra. It can easily stick to the bottom of the breast at any time and can be easily dressing.The patch can be made of silicone or polyurethane and other materials. It can be adjusted as needed to achieve the best comfort and sexy.

Business sexy underwear

Business erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear designed for business occasions. It is usually conservative in style, but it can still add some details to some places, such as the perspective decoration of cuffs, necklines or hems.These styles are suitable for those who want to meet the requirements of business occasions, but they also want to increase some fun and sexy.

Night -view sexy underwear

Night -seeking underwear is usually decorated with fluorescent or soft LEDs to the details.They can show erotic underwear very beautifully, especially in dark light.Although they are usually not used for long -term use, they are absolutely useful when you want to add some shiny elements.

Men’s sexy underwear

Men’s sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.They can involve the details of the private parts of the male, as well as decoration, such as stockings or leather.Men’s sexy underwear is usually designed to increase sexual patterns and stimuli.

in conclusion

There are many types of sexy underwear, and each type plays its own unique role.By choosing the type and style that suits you best, you can increase the stimulus of sexual life and bring more fun and satisfaction.

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