What to do if you cheat and buy sexy underwear


As a special clothing, sexy underwear is very popular because of its certain sexual hints.However, with the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, some bad merchants have begun to use customers’ curiosity and demand mentality of sexy underwear to carry out scams and fraud.If you have encountered sexy underwear scams, then look at the following to help you solve the doubts and troubles in your heart.

Types of sex underwear scam

1. False propaganda.Some businesses will use exaggerated language to promote their sexy underwear for 100 % effect. In fact, these underwear does not have 100 % effects at all, and they often use false propaganda to sell the so -called emotional drugs.

2. Low price promotion.Some businesses will make an unusual low -cost sexy underwear promotion advertisement to attract customers to buy. In fact, these underwear is very poor and unbearable.

3. After -sales service.Some businesses need to provide after -sales service, but the service quality is not good, and even no after -sales service at all.This is a common scam, especially when shopping online.

How to avoid sexy underwear scams?

1. Choose regular merchants.When we decide to buy sexy underwear, we must first find a regular merchant.You can understand the credibility of merchants through various channels such as the Internet, social media, and word -of -mouth websites.

2. Pay attention to the price.The price of sexy underwear is relatively high. If you find some very cheap underwear, you must be careful!Because the price is too cheap, it often means that the quality is not good.

3. Understand the product.Before buying, it is best to learn about some sexy underwear.For example, commonly used production materials, different types of sexy underwear, and how to use.In this way, you can better identify the authenticity and do it in your heart.

How to complain and protect rights?

If you have encountered a sexy underwear scam, you must take measures to protect your rights in time.

1. Online complaint.First, online complaints are a faster and effective way.You can complain directly on platforms such as shopping websites, merchant word -of -mouth websites.Often in this way, merchants respond more quickly.

2. Return.If the merchant clearly rejected your right to protect rights, you can also adopt the way to return and exchange.Generally speaking, the return and exchange policy of shopping websites is relatively complete, which can help consumers protect their rights and interests.

3. Legal channels.If the fraudulent behavior of the merchant is serious, then you can solve the problem through the way to defend rights in accordance with the law.Can seek legal aid or support and complain to consumer associations and other institutions.


Although the sexy underwear scams have been repeatedly banned, we still have to raise their vigilance and protect our legitimate rights and interests.Whether it is buying sexy underwear or other products, we must find regular businesses through various channels, understand the situation of the product, maintain an objective attitude, and remember to be calm and rational in consumption.I hope that the above content can help friends who are facing the sexy underwear scam, so that you can take less wrongdoing in shopping and buy high -quality sexy underwear.

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