What should I do if the child searches for adult sexy underwear

What should I do if I search for adult sexy underwear?

Today, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life.However, in a large amount of information, some contents that are not suitable for children will inevitably appear.When your child mistakes the keywords and searches for adult sex underwear. As a parent, how to deal with this situation?Next, we will provide the following help suggestions.

Keep calm, don’t react excessively

When you find that the child searches for adult sexy underwear, the first step is to keep calm and don’t be too panic.Children’s understanding of her personal body is a natural expression of curiosity. They may just be curious and want to know more.Excessive reaction may make children panic or ashamed.

Face your children directly, talk openly and openly

The second step is to face the children directly and talk about the website or information they found.Avoid forcibly explaining their behavior, but explaining possible problems in a equal and natural tone, such as whether the image or information that the child sees is appropriate.

In the dialogue, emphasize Internet rules and moral guidelines

In the conversation, emphasizing Internet rules and moral guidelines, and then asked the child if they understood these rules.During the dialogue, it is necessary to reiterate that the Internet is not a safe and relaxed environment. Online scams, bullying and abuse are possible.

Set Internet rules and family standards for children

The fourth step is to set Internet rules and family standards for children.Once the child understands the relevant rules of the Internet, he can set rules for them, how to use the Internet, what kind of website, and when to use their own equipment, and so on.A family standard should also be established to emphasize the values and self -constraints of the family.Not only is it limited to children, each member at home should abide by these rules and standards.

Establish a secure network environment

The fifth step is to establish a secure network environment.Search engines such as Google and Biyi all provide parental control functions, which allows parents to restrict search content and avoid unintentional information and images.Parents can also set up monitoring software for their children to better track and control network behavior when necessary.

Refusing to involve gender violence or pornographic content

Quickly browse the content searched. If the content of the child’s search involves gender violence or pornographic content, you should immediately leave the website.Children may misunderstand or doubt. At this time, parents can use some similar but closer to reality examples to make children better understand the harm of things.

Looking for a safe and neutral website with children

Online acquisition information has become a part of our daily life, and it is also an excellent opportunity to screen high -quality information.Looking for a safe and neutral website with children, they can also inspire them and broaden their horizons.

Monitor your child’s Internet activity

Even if you have set up Internet rules and family standards for your children, monitoring their Internet activities is still critical.Parents should always track their children’s network usage habits, and understand the children’s network behavior and Internet usage by viewing browsing historical records or using monitoring software.

Communicate with teachers and other parents

The school should take responsibility for how to prevent children from searching for related issues.Therefore, you can communicate with teachers and other parents, seek their suggestions and help to establish a more secure network environment.


In the correct attitude and appropriate tools, children are prevented from seeing the content that is not suitable for them.In this process, parents are indispensable for their children’s education and urging.Children need to know that people at different ages are facing different challenges, and they need to have the correct knowledge and ability to adapt to these challenges in order to carry out a more secure and meaningful Internet experience.

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