What sexy underwear wearing a belly girl

What sexy underwear wearing a belly girl

As a girl, it is a common problem with the belly.But this does not mean that you can’t wear a messy underwear, but you can emphasize the advantages by choosing a suitable style.When choosing a sexy underwear, the following points can be used as a reference.

1. Choose high waist underwear

High -waist underwear can effectively hide your belly and make your body lines smoother.In addition, high waist underwear can effectively correct the shape, make the crotch firmer, and the thighs are more slender.Moreover, high -waist underwear is usually a very sexy choice.

2. Choose a dark tone underwear

Dark -tone underwear can reduce the attention of the belly and let the sight more concentrated on the chest and hips.Dark tones such as black, dark gray, blue or dark green are all good choices.Light -colored underwear may highlight the belly and affect the overall visual effect.

3. Choose tight underwear

Tight underwear can effectively compress the abdominal fat and make the belly more flat.But it should be noted that not all tight underwear are suitable for girls with belly.Elastic fabrics should be selected to allow both comfort and aesthetics.

4. Choose V -neck underwear

V -neck underwear can effectively extend the neck lines and make people’s attention from the belly to the upper body.At the same time, V -neck underwear can also effectively emphasize the beauty of the chest curve and collarbone, creating sexy charm.

5. Choose underwear for stitching design

The splicing design can not only increase the sense of fashion of sexy underwear, but also disperse the attention of the belly visually.For example, choosing underwear designed with grids, hollow, romantic lace, etc., you can transfer attention from the belly faction to these decorative details.

6. Choose waist underwear

Bid waist underwear can help reduce the waist circumference and make the belly more flat.At the same time, the waist underwear can also shape the perfect curve to make the figure more charming.But what needs to be remembered is that the waist underwear is not suitable for everyone.You should choose according to your own body shape.

7. Choose underwear designed with a loose waist

The loose waist -designed underwear can leave space for the belly, which is more comfortable to wear.At the same time, the loose waist design can also make people feel a soft atmosphere, making sexy more weight.

8. Choose underwear embellished with gorgeous jewelry

Gorgeous jewelry can make underwear more tasteful and stylish, and can also make people ignore the problem of the belly.Choosing underwear inlaid with jewelry such as diamonds and jewelry can increase the nobleness and luxury of the underwear.

9. Select underwear with a tight body sensation

Underwear with a tight body sense can better wrap the body and make the figure firmer.And tight underwear will not produce excess folds, nor will it affect the appearance beauty.However, it should be noted that too tight underwear may affect comfort, so you should choose according to the actual physical sensation.

10. Choose the style you like

The most important point is to choose your favorite style.Different people have different aesthetic standards and aesthetic tastes, and they should choose a style that suits them.Because only your favorite underwear can truly bring confidence and beauty.

In summary, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for you.By choosing high waist underwear, dark tone underwear, tight underwear, V -neck underwear, stitching design underwear, lingerie underwear, loose waist design underwear, gorgeous jewelry, lingerie with tight body feel, and choosing your favorite style, etc.You can make up for the defects of the belly visually and make yourself more sexy and confident.

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